Writing an email newsletter is among the trickiest marketing stumbling blocks for small business owners. In truth this task does not have to be all that difficult and sometimes is over complicated by not having a clear goal in mind.

wrist-lock-gripRemember the key purpose of a newsletter is to maintain a relationship with customers, which in turn develops additional sales. A good online marketing agency would be able to help out with this but the cost can sometimes put people off this.

To assist with this service, please take a look at 6 tips that will help you write your email newsletter with much less difficulty.

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1. Keep It Short

You should make sure that your email newsletter is as short as possible. Remember, your readers are busy and do not have the time for reading lots of text, even though it is interesting. Keeping the newsletter short makes your readers think of it as a simple commitment. When readers know that your email newsletter can be read in less than 5 minutes, they are more likely to open and read it regularly.

2. Three Pieces of Content Are Enough

Having three content pieces in your email updates is enough for a good well rounded newsletter. Make one long piece and 2 shorter pieces. The long piece could be roughly 500 words while the shorter pieces could be 150-200 words. This way, your entire email could be just 900 words.

By cutting length as well as paring down to three pieces of the email, you will have made things a lot simpler for your readers, as well as for yourself. A medium-length article and 2 shorter bytes are easy to write for an email newsletter.

3. Know What the Readers Want To Know

Use the newsletter as an opportunity to tell your clients things you wish they knew or even questions they want answered. Therefore, before starting to write, talk to your customer service representative. Learn what confuses people, things that should be expounded to them, part of your businesses that they require a brief lesson on and what they could be told to improve their experience with you.

4. ‘News Jack’ And Curate

If talking to your customer service representative did not trigger enough ideas, look to the news. If you have been reading something interesting recently, big national news stories or any news developments in your business, all this is fine material for a newsletter. Keep in mind that you do not have to write expert-quality research articles. Relaxed, friendly pieces in your own words are fine. Short book reviews, tools, tricks as well as apps you like are all good.

5. Outlines Are A Writer’s Greatest Friend 

After your chat with the customer service representative and scanning through the reading highlights of the week, you should have enough to write about. Choose the 3 easiest or most fascinating items and write about them. If you do not have the words flowing, do not worry. You have your secret weapon, the outline. With a well-defined outline, writing your email newsletter will be very easy.

6. Get Feedback

You have your three pieces of cool content, but that is not all. Bring the 3 articles to someone savvy and have them take a look. It is best to have the articles reviewed after they are already presented in your email outline, complete with active links. Request this person to spend fifteen minutes reading the email plus clicking the links. Idyllically, you will also trust them enough to make simple copy editing adjustments, and perhaps to change a headline to improve it.