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Creating a website for your business or promoting you self is a matter of highly aesthetic job. You need to understand the technology, artistic expression and the tricks that make a stunning website. If you have found yourself stuck in somewhere while designing a blog or web site here are few top WordPress tips and tricks collected from the web that will enhance your designing understanding:

1.How a customized page can be set as the landing page in WordPress?

Something which each WordPress blogger and developer is willing to learn. This helps us give a very personalized touch to the home page of our website since we can easily use the pictures like company’s logo, motto etc. Firstly you have to know about the process of creating a customized page. You have to create a two page. PHP otherwise start from scratch and create afresh .php file, then add the underneath code to its top:

<? php /* Template Name: GeekEasierT1 */ ?>

The template name can now be changed and styling can be added as per need. Now just visit the admin panel, create a page and use this template.

Choose your Template

After publishing the page, visit the “setting” tab and then go to “Reading”

Reading Settings

Now select the page you made, as homepage and thus your custom made page is now your Landing page.

 2.Associate several authors with one post.

There are times when we need to associate the names of multiple authors with a single blog or post since the work is a combined effort of a team and not of a single individual. In such cases, we can just download a plugin named “Co-Authors Plus” and “Co-Authors”. These are extremely useful and many of the multi author blogs are using this trick nowadays

Reading Settings3. Allow people to retweet using a Retweet button on your website!!

Add Retweet Button

For today’s era, twitter has turned out to be a very useful tool for word of mouth marketing and this can be used for the benefit of a blogger. Twitter is turning out to be tremendously dominant since it is very exposed as a social communication tool. So to get the nerve of your readers, all you have to do is place a retweet button which can make it easy for them to retweet your post with just a click. This can get even more readers for your blog and this is what tweetmeme widget is used for!!!

4.Add bio on each author in a multi-author post!

While dealing with a multi-author blog, you can supplement a slight “About me” of each of the writers showing their past achievements and most liked works. This can help people in knowing the authors and can get more readers for your blog. This can also prove to be a nice way to give acknowledgment to the author and help readers know about them without referring to some other page.

5.By making use of general taxonomy functions

There are loads and tons of taxonomy functions which can help you handle the custom made taxonomies of yours along with the ones which are built-in. Various functions like get_term(), get_terms(), wp_get_object_terms() can be used to arrange things in a more modular format, and they can be used even for categories and tags.

6.Use sessions in WordPress for storing information!

Sessions are a great way to store and compile information between the pages and are being used by a number of websites all over the network. They are not used internally by WordPress and thus they are never set. But still while transferring some sort of sensitive data, it is recommended to do the IP checking plus use enhanced security just to be safer; although if the information is regular/ general, it is ok not to use these security options.

And the list goes on…!!!! WordPress today is one of the most widely used platform for developing websites and blogging. So there are numberless tips for using WordPress which can turn out be useful and unique. These can help us learn, grow and make it easy for us to serve our readers in a better way by giving them an enhanced reading experience by implementing some more unique WordPress tips for beginners.

By using those tips & tricks now you will be able to create a better looking and better functional blogs that will give you better brand image.

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