Cache files, cookies, browsing histories, system files and other unnecessary junks become so difficult over time that they not only slow up the speed but also make life really complicated while using Mac. It gets indeed irritating when you find your work being held back from time to time. You get pop-ups reporting a crash, errors, etc. Though you can remove these outdated files regularly without needing any support, it takes some roundabout process and hence consumes plenty of valuable time.

There is a highly efficient app named MacClean which you can find over internet. It is capable of wipe or clean up your mac’s all the unnecessary files in the easiest way. It has been built to meet the demand of Mac users for keeping their Mac neat and tidy, to speed up the Mac while avoiding the constant disturbance caused by the unwanted files. With this app installed, you won’t have to bother about keeping your Mac fine-tuned.

MacClean has inherited the bequest of PhoneClean, the most flexible tool to do away with useless and unwanted files from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It has been exclusively intended to follow the classless of Mac OS X 10.10. Its interface is built in such a way that makes sure that you are able to take out the task of cleaning up your Mac with most ease.

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What Makes MacClean Unique?


What is it all about the uniqueness of MacClean is it allows you options to either move the junk files to trash or remove them, unlike other apps or tools. Therefore, if you want to hold on to any files that you kept out-of-the-way in the trash, you can get them retrieved. Many a time you need to keep some unwanted files, as you might have need of them in future. MacClean provides the user with the best options to handle your files on your Mac.

 MacClean Knows Where the Junks Are:

MacClean , at a fast pace locates where the junk files are. As a result, you understand of how to deal with them in the best way. There are leftover caches which are sometime not that easy to trace; still it uses its technology to find their way out. With this app, you can clear them off suitably.

Available Free of cost For Mac Users:

MacClean is available for free of cost to install on your Mac. To install this, you must have platform at least OS X 10.7.

How to Clean up on Your Mac with MacClean ?

Cleaning up your Mac is easy and even easier with MacClean. The below-mentioned steps will tell you how you can do that.

Step #1- Install MacClean and launch it on your Mac.

Step #2- Once you launch MacClean; you should see its main interface. All the types of junk files such as, Internet Junk, User Junk will be tick marked automatically. Once you are sure of getting clear of files, click on the “Search” button in order to begin scanning the files.

NOTE: 1 if you don’t want to remove a particular type of junk, you can uncheck the box next to the junk file.

NOTE: 2 if you want to stop the process of clearing the files in between the ongoing process, you can click on “Stop” button to prevent it.

Step #3- When the scanning process is completed, MacClean provides you a summary. Summary in the sense, a summary of the junk files as well as its number and sizes. If you want to check out any specific scanned junk file, then you can click on “>” button to the size result displayed on the top right the corner.

MacClean User Guide

(Just in case you want to get an entity of junk file which has been scanned, select the file then, click on the “Search” button which will be in close to the size of the junk file  Now, click the “Search” button to the right in order to recover the specific file Once you have got the files recovered, put them on your required Mac folder. That’s not all; you can still avoid the whole file type from being cleared out by unchecking its box.) After you have seen the junk file, make sure to click on “V” button at the top.

Step #4- Automatically the junk files are moved to Trash by MacClean. If you want to get rid of them completely, click on “Mop” icon at the bottom to get rid ofthe junk files. However to clear out a particular internet junk file, you will have to close the related browser.

Moreover, you can also manually take out a particular file. When you go to a specific file, it provides you options to either totally remove or move it to trash. You can select any of the two options as per your need.

Step #5- After cleaning up or wipe your Mac process is complete; MacClean shows you the result of how much disk space has been retained. That’s when you know how much space had been occupied by leftovers or irrelevant files.

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That’s all! You can repeat the above mentioned process to do away with any unnecessary junk files. It is recommended for all Mac users to make useof the MacClean as their primary cleaning software.