Excellent WhatsApp Tips And Tricks For WhatsApp Lovers

Whatsapp tips and tricks that you must use to have more enjoyable on Whatsapp, Whatsapp messenger is a popular Online messaging service app available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Java Mobiles, WhatsApp for PC also available now, that is truly biggest 200 million per month active users which is more real than other messenger like Viber.

Whatsapp, among the hottest mobile phone messaging app, experienced intense level of competition from the likes of WeChat and Line but kept its ground using its several features that makes sure users have a secure, reliable and realistic messaging ability.

The reputation of WhatsApp has developed a lot popular that a lot of WhatsApp tricks and tips on the online and many users are looking for these amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks to use in their smartphone and surprise their friends. So many of our audience also requested us to write about best WhatsApp tricks and tips. So, here are some tips, tricks and apps to have more from Whatsapp.


Install WhatsApp On Mobile Without Mobile Number

Step # 1: Be connected your device Via Wi-Fi or modem to the online to that you simply need to install WhatApp. And also visit the official site of WhatsApp By Just click here and get WhatsApp Application. Right after Download Set up it to your gadget.

whatsapp without mobile number

Step # 2: Just after the installation of WhatsApp Application you’ll view a WhatsApp welcome display screen. Then simply click on agree terms and conditions. Displayed under in screenshot.

whatsapp without simcard

Step # 3: Just after “Step # 2″ it is going to ask you to confirm the mobile number. Now type in the mobile phone number that we’re going to talk about in “Note” section over and click ok. Now the verification are unsuccessful but you might get a verification code soon to verify.Which means that this is the trick here.

Please note: Wait around for 10-15 mins to get confirmation code. So be patient. If you receive the Text message then simply click on call me to confirm. Just a call from WhatsApp arrived to your smartphone and following that verify the code. Which is finish now you can gain access to whatsApp on smartphone without any mobile number.

Send .apk & .exe, .pdf  And More Files

Compared with a lot of chat applications, WhatsApp is not going to let you to send out files like .exe,.zip,.pdf,.rar and etc. However with an further application like Cloud Send ,  It is possible to send RAR, ZIP, PDFs, .EXE, APKs, etc,  Word files and much more using WhatsApp.

Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

If you have changed mobile phone numbers but held the same mobile phone, you really do not want to un-install and re-install WhatsApp simply to change numbers. There is a setting up inside WhatsApp in that you can let you to move your WhatsApp account to a different mobile phone number.
change mobile number in whatsappVisit Settings > Account > Change number on your whatsapp. Type in your previous mobile phone number in the above field as well as then your new mobile number in the below field. Then click Done. Validate your new mobile phone number, and all your chat history and groups are going to be migrated to the new mobile number.

Stop Automatic Media Download in WhatsApp

Although before, WhatsApp plus application was needed to stop automatic downloading of media files such as images, video clips and audio files however now, WhatsApp has included this choice to its configuration settings. So you are able to handle automatic media files downloading.

Disable WhatsApp Last Seen Time Stamp

A few of you might need to disable this timestamp for personal privacy reasons. You possibly can disable this time-stamp on both apple iOS and Android operating system mobiles.

Last seen time-stamp give us an some notification about when the user, who you need to chat was on the online. Is definitely excellent feature but the aspect happens to be actually pretty frustrating because it shows if you are online or not. You are unable to hide your self from your close friends and they will continue chatting along with you.

Get Conversation of Your Friend

Perhaps you have ever before believed that it is possible to Get Whatsapp conversation of the your close friends? It appears actually awesome and an elegant things right? Then ok, i’ll explain to you this awesome trick through which it will be easy to get your friends Whatsapp chat.

The first and the main element that you should do is, navigate to the MICROSD card and then just click on the Whatsapp and afterwards on the Database choice. Immediately after you are done for just a the first step you’ll get two files such as,


Right after getting these two data files, you need to simply do is get these data files from your friends mobile phone and then you can be very easily can read their chat conversations that they’ve done with their friends.

Lock Your WhatsApp

If you are using Android smartphone there is a one excellent application available for WhatsApp Lock , For BlackBerry users also need this locking feature for mobile use this Lock for WhatsApp.

Create a Fake Conversation

Found the fake conversations among some celebrities existing on Facebook? Possibly needed to try to do that by yourself? By making use of an application like WhatSaid you can actually make fake chat conversations and enjoy with your friends. Please don’t make use of it to mess up somebody’s life.

Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp creates auto backups of the chats but it’s also possible to make a manual backup of your whatsapp chat. On apple iOS, go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, then click Backup Now.

backup whatsapp
On Android mobile phone, simply get into Settings > Chat settings and then click Backup chats to make a backup. It will not backup your media, so you will need to use a file manager to backup the media files in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media on your mobile.

There is no way to recover chats instantly from WhatsApp, if you would like to recover a backup you are gonna need to uninstall and re-install WhatsApp. While you begin WhatsApp just after the reinstalling your app, make sure you be persuaded to restore your latest backup. Simply adhere to the method and your chats should really all be back.

Send hundreds of messages at once to prank

  • In your browser, enter the URL web.whatsapp.com and press enter. This will send a fake message to your friend as many times as you select
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+J and the console box that appears, enter the following code:

// control + shift + j to open console and paste var count = 4000; //number of times to send var message = “Your whatsapp has been hacked “; //spam message var i = 0;var timer = setInterval(function() { var evt = document.createEvent(“TextEvent”); evt.initTextEvent(“textInput”, true, true, window, message + i, 0, “en-US”); document.querySelector(“.input-container .input”).focus(); document.querySelector(“.input-container .input”).dispatchEvent(evt); i++;if (i == count)clearInterval(timer);console.log(i + ” messages sent”);var event = new MouseEvent(‘click’, {‘view’: window,’bubbles’: true,’cancelable’: true});document.querySelector(“.icon.btn-icon.icon-send”).dispatchEvent(event); }, 10)

Stop sharing your Whatsapp data with Facebook

Step 1: Go to settings on your Whatsapp and click Account.

Step 2: Untick the “Share my account info” option.

Step 3: After this, a dialog box will appear. Click “don’t share” on it.Now, you’re Whatsapp account information will not be shared with Facebook.

Reply only to specific messages one by one

Step 1: Long tap the message that you want to reply to.

Step 2: Once it is selected, tap the left-sided arrow at the top of the page.This is the reply button which enables you to quote a particular message and reply to it specifically

Use new camera tricks

Step 1: In order to switch the front camera on, just open the Whatsapp camera and double tap on it. If the rear camera is on, it will switch it to the front camera.

Step 2: Another new feature of the Whatsapp camera is the zoom in and zoom out option which was before not available. You can use it by tapping two fingers up or down.

Send your WhatsApp message in a different font

Step 1: Open your chat and tap on the typing area.

Step 2: Insert three (`) characters and enter your text.

Step 3: Once you’ve entered, insert the same characters thrice again.

Step 4: Now, your message will be sent in a new font.

Tag friends in a Whatsapp chat

Step 1: To tag a particular friend or a few friends in a chat, insert @ and start typing the name.
Step 2: Whatsapp will pop up several options and select your friend from there. This way, you’ll be able to select/tag any of your friends.

Backup your WhatsApp messages in Drive

Step 1: Go to your Whatsapp settings and click chats.

Step 2: Select the option “chat backup” and select the option “backup”

Step 3: All your messages will be saved to Google Drive.

Take Whatsapp selfies with flash

Whatsapp has introduced the flash option for which just open the Whatsapp camera and tap the flash icon.

Read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing about it

Step 1: Switch on the flight/ airplane mode of your phone.

Step 2: Read the message and then turn off the flight mode.

The sender will not get to know that you have read the message as no blue tick will appear.

Send a message without typing it

  1. Open the chat and tap the typing area.
  2. A mic icon will appear there.
  3. Tap the mic icon and start speaking whatever you want to send.
  4. Whatsapp will identify your voice and type the message for you.

Keep an eye on your friend’s Whatsapp

  1. Get hold of your friend’s phone and open their Whatsapp.
  2. Open to Status and choose the Wi-Fi Mac address.
  3. Copy their Mac address.
  4. Uninstall Whatsapp on your phone and then re-install it.
  5. Spoof you Mac id and change it to your friend’s Whatsapp address.
  6. When you’ll install Whatsapp, it will send the confirmation link to your friend’s phone.
  7. Verify your phone by using the code.
  8. Now you can use your friend’s Whatsapp easily.

Mark WhatsApp messages as important

  1. Long tap the message that you want to mark as important.
  2. Star those messages from the “starred” icon that comes up on the top.
  3. You can see these messages very easily anytime by clicking the three dots at the top right and clicking starred messages.

Know if your WhatsApp message was actually sent or not

Step 1: Long tap the message that you had sent.
Step 2: click the (i) icon.
Step 3: This will tell you who all have read your messages in a group.

Delete your Whatsapp account

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Select “Account” and choose the option “Delete my account”.

Step 3: Your Whatsapp will be deleted.

Reply without opening the WhatsApp chat window

Step 1: Go to Settings and select notifications.

Step 2: Enable the pop up notifications.

Step 3: Go to Settings and select notifications.

Whenever anybody will send you a message, it will send you the notification and you can reply through the notification directly without opening Whatsapp.

Change the wallpaper of your Whatsapp

Step 1: Go to settings and select Chats and Calls.

Step 2: Choose the wallpaper option and choose any wallpaper for your Whatsapp.

Use less data on Whatsapp calls

Step 1: Go to chats and calls through settings.

Step 2: Tick the “low data usage” option.

Block a number or contact on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open the chat box with the contact you want to block.
Step 2: Go to settings and select more.
Step 3: Choose the option “Block” and the contact will be blocked.

Email a chat

Step 1: Long tap a chat that you want to mail.
Step 2: Choose the option email the chat.
Step 3: This will mail the chat to your chosen email id.

Send the same WhatsApp message to many people at once

Step 1: Tap on the three dots and click on the broadcast option.
Step 2: Select the contacts to whom you want to send the message and select ok.
Step 3: Type the message and as soon as you’ll send it, it will be sent to all the selected contacts in the broadcast list.

Set custom tones for specific chats

Step 1: Open the chat and go to settings.

Step 2: Select the custom notifications option and change the settings by choosing the tone for that specific chat.

Recover deleted Whatsapp messages

Step 1: Uninstall and then re-install Whatsapp from the same number.

Step 2: After verification it will ask if you want to restore your messages or not.

Step 3: Select the option “restore”.

Step 4: All your deleted messages will be restored.

Create a shortcut for some chats

Step 1: Long tap the chat and choose the option Add Conversation Shortcut.

Step 2: A shortcut of the selected chat will be created.

Extend Whatsapp validity

Step 1: Go to account and select the change number option.

Step 2: Change your number twice and finally enter your real number.

Step 3: This tricks Whatsapp and increases the validity by one year.

Share your location with a friend

Step 1: Turn on the GPS of your phone.

Step 2: Open the chat of the friend with whom you want to share your location.

Step 3: Select the attachment icon and choose location. Your current location will be sent to your friend.

Send WhatsApp messages in bold

Step 1: Before typing the message, enter * symbol.

Step 2: Re-enter this symbol once you’ve written the message.

Step 3: Your message will appear in bold.

Send WhatsApp message in italics

Step 1:  For this, insert the _ symbol before and after your message.

Step 2:  Your message will appear in italics.

Send WhatsApp message in strikethrough font style

Step 1: For this, add (~) before and after your message.

Step 2: Your message will appear in strikethrough style.

Send Whatsapp invitation to a contact

Step 1: Go to settings and select contacts.

Step 2: Choose the option invite a friend and enter the contact number.

Step 3: An invitation with download link will be sent to the contact.

Use Whatsapp without a sim

This feature can be availed by purchasing “WhatSim” which is specialized for using Whatsapp only. It has a validity of one year and can be bought for Rs.714 only.

Run more than one Whatsapp account from a single phone

Step 1: Download the ogwhatsapp app from Google playstore and install it.

Step 2: Fill in the details and after verification, you will be able to use multiple Whatsapp accounts from a single phone.

Mark WhatsApp chats as unread

Step 1: Long tap the chat after reading the message.

Step 2: Select the option “mark as unread”.

Step 3: This will show that the message is yet to be read.

Hide your WhatsApp profile picture

Step 1: Go to Accounts and select Privacy.

Step 2: Choose “nobody” under the option profile picture.

Step 3: Now, no one will be able to see your Whatsapp profile picture.

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    1. Hey Munna,
      If you already installed WhatsApp then uninstall and reinstall it again. when you reinstall this application asks you to verify you mobile number, At the moment activate flight mode on your mobile. So verification step fails.
      And then you need to select alternative method for verification like Email or Call. Choose any of this alternative method to verify your number and use some online mobile number services for do this without using your mobile number….:) :)…

      1. I am not getting this. Which mobile I want to keep it in flight mode. Example . I don’t have the Sim card but I want to register with that number only. I will not receive any message or call for verification. How to register successfully.

        1. Hello Gopi,
          You can’t use someone sim card for your whatsApp accout, Thanks for your comment 🙂 .

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  4. That option to hide the last seen time is life saving! I can read the messages I receive and reply back whenever I feel like. The feeling is awesome.

    1. Welcome Saky 🙂 ,

      Your sounds are really good, Hiding last seen time is really useful one. However, was no time to chat with all friends on all time whenever I am on online , and I don’t want to feel them like, I was rejecting them and not replying for their messages.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 🙂 Keep visiting…

  5. hey….friend
    i am not getting how to read friends CHAT i got those files from databases folder
    but when i try to open it it is not opening “unable to open”,
    or when i try to restore it its not happning
    HELP meeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    thank you

    1. I Can Help You… To Read Data Base Folder files, That files need a diffrent software to view an read,,

      1. why is everyone here giving half relies. the writer of the article just says get the .crypt files and read them!! HOW TO READ THEM is answered by no one. Even you only mentioned that these files need a diff. software. Can you tell which software or post a link to download the software that can read these files? Thanks!

    2. Install & run Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer on your computer, and then choose your .db database files using “Import Android WhatsApp Backup Data” option and then extract it.

  6. On hacking whats app convo – “you need to simply do is get these data files from your friends mobile phone” – can u specify how to get these files from friend’s mobile if i dont have access to it

    1. I want to know also please, & if our conversations are being shared with someone, how can we be sure for that ?

    2. If you want your friend’s WhatsApp chat history means, You only have to think how to get that chat history files from your friends mobile. This is the tutorial about only WhatsApp tips and tricks.

  7. I Want To Know, i get mesgs an i rply my friend back, her last status update shows 3min Back updated status, but her Last seen shows 15Days Back an never changes

  8. OKAY! so now i have the .crypt files !! but how do i read them? Can anyone shed some light on that plz?

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