WhatsApp can be available on the majority of the platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian and WhatsAppmore, however from a wide range of user need WhatsApp even now is not available on PC. For anyone who is some of those not having a WhatsApp compatible phone but still would like to use WhatsApp with your PC or laptop (Windows & Mac), the following is a detailed tutorial to try to do the same. I have explained a number of ways you need to use to download and install WhatsApp on your PC. The following information helps you to download WhatsApp on all Windows operating systems. It also works on Macintosh using a few changes.

There are the lot of android emulators and chat clients are available in the market to download and install android OS and apps, games on PC, I have listed here some if the most popular ways to install WhatsApp for PC with ease.

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How to Download and Install WhatsApp on PC (Step-by-Step Guide):

  • Method 1: Install WhatsApp on PC With BlueStacks
  • Method 2: Run WhatsApp on Computer With Wassapp
  • Method 3: Use WhatsApp on PC With Pidgin

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Method 1: Install WhatsApp on PC With BlueStacks


BlueStacks is definitely the best android emulator and is actually an easy way to install WhatsApp on PC. It may also familiar with Run Android OS & Apps on PC. Here is how you can download WhatsApp for PC with BlueStacks.

Step 1 : Initially you will need to download BlueStacks and it could be done using their official website here. There’s also an  bluestacks offline installer for those who want to install it this way. You are able to download the BlueStacks offline installer with this link.

Step 2 : As soon as you’ve completed downloading often from the installers you are able to proceed with set up . which happens to be very easy and uncomplicated. Once you are done you’ll get an icon on the desktop which states that “Start BlueStacks“. Get it done.

Step 3 : Your next step is to download WhatsApp. You’ll need to simply click search on the left side corner and also type WhatsApp within the search box plus a link towards the Google Play Store might be shown. You may setup your Google account on BlueStacks as well as download WhatsApp from Play Store. When you hold the APK file of WhatsApp in your PC it is possible to install it on BlueStacks just by double-clicking it. This is certainly the easiest method to install  android apps and games on computer.

Step 4 : Just after installing whatsapp on your computer, you are able to get the WhatsApp icon, just by clicking on “All apps” within the right hand side of the screen. Now open the application and proceed to its verification step.

Step 5 : Select your country initial through the list. This tends to instantly provide you with the country code. Once you enter in your phone number it’ll try to send a message however it shows SMS verification failed. Then simply click the another option “Call me”. You are going to get a call together with the verification number that you will need to make a note of.

Step 6 : Type in the verification code within the required area and after this you might be able to use WhatsApp on PC.

Step 7 : You might know that compared with all your mobile you won’t find the contacts of the friends. You’ll need to add each contact yourself.

Step 8: So as to add contacts open WhatsApp and choose the menu option around the bottom from the page and then click contacts. Again click the menu key and select ‘Add contacts’.

Step 9 : Complete information in the provided areas and click done.

Step 10 : In case you have logged within your Google account in BlueStacks contacts through your Google account is likewise synced.

This is undoubtedly the more effective working application around the list to run WhatsApp on PC. The user interface is near an android phone and it also has complete features you’ll find on any smart phone. But around the disadvantage of BlueStacks is actually a very large application and it will require a PC with significant graphics to run efficiently. Plus it might take plenty of time for you to download in case you have a slow internet connection. Well you should not worry, I have some of other alternative ways to install WhatsApp for PC without bluestacks!.

Method 2: Run WhatsApp on Computer With Wassapp


Wassapp is yet another excellent application which can be used to run or install WhatsApp on PC. Wassapp is usually an unofficial WhatsApp client which is available on free. This can be a light-weight but impressive app for running WhatsApp on your desktop or computer.

Step 1 : Download latest version of Wassapp. This can be a tiny file and will also be downloaded easily.

Step 2: Then you have to install it

Step 3 : Open the Wassapp after you’ve completed installing it. For those who already have got a Wassapp account then enter your phone number and password.

Step 4 : If you’re a new user choose your country on the list, enter your mobile number and password.The password stands out as the unique code of the mobile device. For Android, BlackBerry and Symbian users, this is called as IMEI number and its the  WiFi Mac address for iOS users.

NOTE – To get the IMEI number type the code *#06# on your mobile. You will discover the Mac address of the iOS gadget by go to Settings > General > About > Wifi Address.

 Step 5 : Choose the ‘New WhatsApp’ option from bottom of window and then click on Register.

Step 6 : Now you must to verify your mobile number. You are able to verify possibly by SMS or by phone call verification. Once you’ve chosen the best method you will receive a code via SMS or a automated call that will be noted down.

Step 7 : Finally enter in the code and continue with the method. You may then receive a auto generated password that will be your password for additional use.

Wassapp is awesome small app which offers a similar features of BlueStacks without having a high performance PC. It is actually fast and you don’t want to download huge files. As ensuring since this app seems it has some disadvantages as quite a few users thought it was hard to setup their account although some couldn’t access group chats. But I need to point out that I didn’t deal with any one of these issues.

Method 3: Use WhatsApp on PC With Pidgin


Pidgin is actually a worldwide chat client which can be helpful to chat via Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM,etc. It is really an exciting application however, you should have to download some plug-ins to be able to use WhatsApp for PC. However I guarantee making use of this guide you’ll know exactly how to do it.

Step 1 : Download the Pidgin client from this link and install it. It’s time for you to download some plugins.

Step 2 : Download the newest third-party Plug-ins for WhatsApp from this link that are also available for 32 & 64 bit Windows as well as Linux.

Step 3 : After you have completed downloading the .dll file, you will need to place it within the Pidgin sub-folder.

Step 4 : You will need to paste it within the plugins folders from the purple sub-folder(…/purple/plugins).

Step 5 : Next get Pidgin’s Unicode Emoji and that is used to send smileys while you chatting. This can be a zip file after you’ve extracted it you will need to transfer the files to the folder of smiley within the within the sub directory of purple(…/purple/smiley).

Step 6 : To register your mobile phone you’ll need to use the newest version of  WART. Download it through the earlier link by simply clicking the ‘Download Zip’ choice.

Step 7 : Then install WART-x.x.x.x.exe. This will likely allow you to register your mobile number for Pidgin. Then enter your phone number together with the country code. You may also setup a password in case you want. Ensure that the mobile number you type in will get SMS as being the confirmation code is going to be delivered to it. You will receive the verification Text messages within a few seconds or it might take hours but don’t close the application until finally you will get it otherwise you’ll need to proceed through the registration method once again.

Step 8 : Additionally a password will likely be provided to you. Make a note of this password, because it is necessary to open WhatsApp in Pidgin.

Step 9 : Start Pidgin client and then click on “Add” option to add your WhatsApp account. Then within the login choice let the WhatsApp plugin beside the protocol. Your mobile number will be the username and type in the password you got in WART. Don’t forget to choose Emoji for Pidgin from choices. Continue by adding the local alias and WhatsApp icon.

Now you’re prepared to work with WhatsApp on PC using Pidgin. However the installation looks tiresome you’ll breeze via it provided you go through the instructions correctly. This application doesn’t offer all of the features provided by BlueStacks and Wassapp but you are able to download some extra plugins to enhance your experience.

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