The top rated creation of the century is creating an excellent blog. Being a blogger is the most preferred ambition of many youth too. Everyone can create a blog. It sounds easy task to do when you are surrounded with thousands of websites in Internet to help you to create one blog .Creating blogs sounds to be an easier task as everyone is equipped with internet and thousands of free sites making the creation of blog an easy activity. Simply creating it doesn’t make any sense. Then you may now ask me what makes a sense. The real game starts only when you can create a blog that loads faster and quicker. This is the art that makes sense.

Got any idea about why blog should load faster?

So simple the reason is and it is pretty much familiar concept too. Fastest one wins the race; here too there is no change in that concept fastest one competes in the market.

Yea, I am mean what I said. Because these days we can’t find anyone spending time by waiting on a queue even. They are too busy to catch new –new things on their life track. So do you think they will wait till your blog gets loaded? Even if you have come up absolutely new stuffs for people through your blog, your winning is vested on the hands of your blog loading time. If it doesn’t come on time let’s forget it; is the buzz word people use at the present scenario.

On this hurry-bury world to make your blog loved by people you need a quick loading blog as yours .If you want to hold your visitors, your blog loading time should be the least.

Not only providing a best user experience matters here . Your blog loading time actually determines your blog’s future , i mean your blog’s search engine ranking . Things don’t end here the more time your blog takes to load ,the more penalty you will get from Google . Keep this in mind . But don’t get nervous.

What do your blog visitors want?

Blog visitors are having the eagerness to read things quick as they have some questions in their mind. The one who answers the question in the visitors mind wins the business. Not just answering the question, one who gives the answer quickly. They are actually behind the blogs that gets loaded in most 2 seconds.

In a second you win the visitors and in a seconds delay you will lose nearly 50% of your visitors. If you can manage to deal this game of seconds and fraction of a second then you are on the right track.

But Why my blog takes a lot time to load?

Certainly you would have this question in your mind by now . So i take initiative to answer it for you .

  • Homepage with heap number of posts. It is one worst thing you are doing. And this is one of the silent killers of your business.
  • Placing of images without any order. I mean wrong placement of image.
  • Wrong CSS injection on the website and blogs.
  • Not using third party plugin , widgets and java scripts.

These are some of the reasons why your blog takes lot time to get loaded.

If you are doing these and worrying about your blog being not popular then correct these mistakes and expect a good result after this… takes effect.

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How can I check my Blog Loading Time ?

There are some excellent Websites Speed Testing Tools which acts a solution to this question. Certain Excellent websites to check your Blog Loading Time is available. So we can discuss it here:

  1. GTMetrix
  3. WebpageTest.Org 

A ) So let’s begin with the first one GTMetrix .

This is the highly recommended one. You know why is it so? It gives a detailed report along with your blog loading time.


What do GTMetrix Performance Report gives ?

  1. A page speed grade like A ,B and so.

Grade A is obtained for best blog and the desired score for this is 90 or above 90 .

Grade B indicates that you still have to pull up your socks . Work bit extra on your blog as your grade is below 90

  1. Blog Loading time
  2. YSlow Grade
  3. Total page size
  4. Total number of requests

This helps to make you learn or find out where you have to concentrate to improve your blog loading time.

B ) Now we go to discuss about

You can get the overall performance report of your blog with this. So it is also one on the top list.


What do Performance Report gives you ?

  1. Performance grade
  2. Number of requests
  3. Blog Loading Time
  4. Page Size
  5. Result sorting with parameters such as sort by load size, order etc.
  6. Maximum time taking external script information.
  7. A history tab explaining blog loading time improvements with time to time.

C )Now we go to discuss about WebpageTest.Org

It is also one of the best preferred tool to check your blog loading time .


What does this offers to you?

Test Location and browser based result for knowing a detailed report of your blog.

So you can now improve your blog Loading time with the help of these websites and please keep in mind about the different things we discussed too. So work well to make your blog loading time less than 3 sec to the maximum so you get a B grade that is pretty good. Hope this serves helpful to all the bloggers  .