Website builders’ developers are wearing their keyboards out to present you with the most advanced, stunning and easy-to-use web design tools. The competition is fierce and thus the tools, the templates, the prices and the entire systems are improving rapidly, and the process doesn’t show signs of slowing down. So, today we have a market full of very functional, handy and what’s more important – very cost-effective website building platforms. These platforms definitely debunk all those myths surrounding site builders, and take the process of website creation to the new level.

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In this post I’d like to describe the most advantageous sides of some of the popular website builders. All of the website builders I’ll mention below have absolutely free plans, so you risk nothing when signing up to one of them. Enjoy the list!

#1 Ability to Attach Your Own Domain Name

Custom domain is a must for a business website. In fact, it’s a must for any website :). It gives a professional look and opens doors for multiple ways of monetization and other benefits. The good news is that there are site makers that allow you to attach your own web address at no charge. This is about uCoz. This SaaS (software as a service) platform has probably one of the most feature-rich free plans that never expire. You can build a full-fledged website using their tools and add your own domain there with $0 investment. Isn’t it enticing?


#2 User Management

User management is a rather complicated option to support. However, you can enjoy it free on iClanWebsites guild builder. This specialized site builder is developed exclusively for supporting guild and clan websites and can be a real lifesaver for an avid gamer. iClanWebsites help you organize your team better through creating unique member profiles, holding chats and creating topical forums. In addition to their basic plan, there are three Premium packages ($4.16, $7.50 and $15.83 per month; billed annually).

#3 Pure Drag-and-Drop and WYSIWYG Editing Environment

While a couple of years ago these editing principles were in their infancy, and the users could drag and drop virtual objects to the specific areas only in their templates, modern site makers give you full freedom of customization. With IMCreator for instance, you can move, resize and modify any element of your website design, be it a picture, video, line, paragraph, gallery or a widget.


#4 Handy Widgets

Extending your website functionality isn’t a painful process anymore. Just select the widget you need and activate it. No handwritten codes. MotoCMS website builder templates for instance, come with a pack of included widgets: Dropdown Menu, Buy Now Button, Google Maps, Search and News, Rss Reader, Media and Music players and many more. By combining and customizing these widgets you can not only extend your site’s functionality and provide your visitors with a great user experience, but also create an exceptional product.

#5 Ability to Make Changes on the Go

Another excellent option I’d like to add to this list is the ability to build, edit and publish websites directly from your mobile device. In August 2013, Jimdo site maker released an iOS application for the iPhones and iPads allowing their current and potential clients to build and maintain full-fledged websites from anywhere they happen to be. The application is free.