Dropbox for the computer offers that you can run at the same time (synchronizes) your files across all the computers you use. But in the  mobile versions of Dropbox do not allow you to use files, manually you can use your Dropbox on your iPad to open or save your files from the cloud. Even you can use Dropbox on the iPad in two ways: Either through the Dropbox for desktop or through the free Dropbox app. Using the website it offers only few features, but on your tablet it does not need any installation.

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Dropbox Application:

Step 1:

On your iPad open the App Store and search for Dropbox. choose Free and then click Install to download the Dropbox and install Dropbox on iPad.

Step 2:

After the application installs open the Dropbox. Click I’m Already a Dropbox User and then log in by entering the user name and password.

Step 3:

Click the Enable if your iPad to want automatically upload pictures you take to your Dropbox or else click Cancel.

Step 4:

To view your files and folders or share folder Dropbox iPad just tap your Dropbox. Then Tap a file to open it. And most common files like as Word documents, PDF files and images, will load directly into the Dropbox application.

Step 5:

To export a file to another application clicks the icon with a down arrow. Even it does not support this will allow you to open files in the Dropbox application. You can save a copy of the file to your iPad by using the star icon, accessed in Dropbox through the Favorites tab.

Dropbox Mobile Website:

Step 1:

On your iPad open Safari or another Web browser, Just get into the  Dropbox website and log in to your account by entering the user name and password.

Step 2:

To view your files and folders just tap your Dropbox. Then Tap a file to open it. In your Web browser the mobile website will display some files, like as text files and images, but the mobile websites does not support many file types in the Dropbox application.

Step 3:

To select an application click Open with…  to open files stay that it does not supported directly by the Dropbox mobile website.