From the awaken of high-profile hacking happenings, Apple has carried out a two-step verification procedure for validating the Apple accounts(IDs) to be used with iCloud and iTunes accounts. To gain access to iCloud or to buy application through the App Store, you need to verify icloud account you’re using together with your security details. The two-step verification approach should be carried out for every single iOS device you’re planning to use to communicate with iTunes or even your Cloud account.

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Step 1

Start the “Manage Your Apple ID” page within a Web browser around the computer. (See Resources). Select the “Manage your Apple ID” button.

Step 2

Type your present Apple ID and password in the specific fields. In case you’ve given security questions on your account, answer the security questions to finish the sign in process. The “My Apple ID” web page opens.

Step 3

Go through the “Password and Security” link. The Manage Your Security Settings page opens up.

Step 4

Select the “Get Started…” link within the Two-Step Verification proceeding.

Step 5

Evaluate the steps inside the “Two-Step Verification for Apple ID” area, and after that click “Continue.” A listing of your reliable gadgets appears. Every gadget displays an appearance of “Verified” and “Remove” in case the device has been verified. If your device isn’t yet verified, the “Verify” link seems to be beside the device.

Step 6

Select the “Verify” link close to the device to verify. A word message that has your four-digit confirmation code is deliver to the chosen device. Select the “Add an SMS-Capable Phone Number” option to include a mobile phone number which could get texts, if required.

Step 7

Look into the device with the text that has the verification code. Create a note of the code, and after that simply click “OK.”

Step 8

Type in the four-digit confirmation code in the “Verify Device” input boxes from the Manage Your Apple ID page within the browser. Press “Verify Device.” A Recovery Key is delivered to you.

Step 9

Select the “Print Key” option to print the recovery key. You may also write this key down. You will have to enter this enter another step of the verification process. Just click “Continue.”

Step 10

Type the recovery option in the “Enter Your Recovery Key” area, and after that click on “Confirm.”

Step 11

Look at the Terms and Condition in the two-step verification procedure, and after that look into the check box before “I Understand the Conditions Above” choice.
Step 12

Select the “Enable Two-Step Verification” option.


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