18+ Useful Keyboard Shortcuts That Work In All Web Browsers

It is always better to use shortcut keys to execute a specific command in your computers. Shortcut keys offer you a quicker and easier way to do specific things on your computers with combinations. You would have to press a combination of keys on your keyboard which will directly execute a command.

Shortcut key combinations - 18+ Useful Keyboard Shortcuts That Work In All Web Browsers

Mostly the shortcut keys come in combination with the Alt, Ctrl or Command key on Apply devices and Shift key. The Alt or alternative key is used in combination. Or when pressed once, unlocks alternative function of the keys. The Command or Ctrl key is a modifier key which when used in combination does some system operations. The Shift key is commonly used to make one letter capital while typing. When it is used in some other combinations, it might reverse the functions.

All the well-known browsers which have the highest stake in the market have their own set of shortcut keys to do specific functions. But there also exists some set of universal function combinations. These will work on Windows and MacOS devices both. And the combinations will do the same function in all browsers.

Here is the list of browsers that we are sure that the universal shortcut keys work: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari. All the versions of these browsers will support the shortcut combinations.

So below we give you a list of 18 shortcut key combinations that you must know for day-to-day functions. They might help you do all the work without even moving the mouse pointer.

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Opening browser in new tab

Once you open your browser, you don’t have to click on the new tab option every time you need one. You can simply press (Ctrl or command) + T.

Open new window

If you want to open another window of the browser, press (Ctrl or Command) + N.

Browse through tabs

For this you have to press Ctrl + Tab. It will move from left towards the right tabs.

To browse through the opened tabs from right to left you have to press Ctrl + Shift + Tab. This can be useful when you accidentally moved to the next tab or want to go to the previous one.

Reopen closed tabs

So you can press the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen the last closed tab. You can keep pressing the combination and the browser will keep opening the closed tabs in the order in which they were closed.

Return to previous page

You can press Alt + Left arrow key combination to go back to the previous page that was opened in the current tab.

Advance to the next page

You can press Alt + Right arrow key to do so. You will be then taken to the page that you came back from in the currently opened tab.

Zoom in

To zoom in to any webpage that you have opened you can press (Ctrl or Command) + (+). If you are using a desktop and have mouse with a scroll wheel you can press Ctrl + roll upwards.

Zoom out

To zoom out of the currently open webpage press (Ctrl or command) + (-). If you have a mouse device connected then you can also press Ctrl + roll downwards.

Default zoom

You can change the amount of zoom you want by the above shortcuts. If you want to you set it back to default (100%) by pressing (Ctrl or Command) + 0.

Bookmark page

You can bookmark the current page that you are using in the opened tab. Just press (Ctrl or Command) + D and it’ll be added to your bookmark list.

Find in page

You can search for any word or sentence on a webpage you are on. All you have to do is press (Ctrl or Command) + F. And enter the desired text in the search box.

Close tab

One can press (Ctrl or Command) + W to close currently opened tabs, rather than clicking on cross sign on each tab.

Address Bar

By pressing (Ctrl or Command) + L you will be taken to the address bar. The URL will be highlighted. And you can enter the desired website location.

Adding “www” and “.com”

When you enter the name of the website and not the full address, press (Ctrl or Command) + Alt + Enter. This will open up the website with “www” and “.com” already added in new tab.

Clear history

By pressing (Ctrl or Command) + Shift + Delete you can open up the clear browsing history setting box.

Going down

One can use the spacebar key instead of Page down key to go down a web page, at a faster speed.

Scrolling up

By pressing Shift + Spacebar you can do upwards on a web page.


If you press (Ctrl or Command) + P when on a web page you will be taken directly to Print Window. You can print the webpage from there or save it as a .pdf file.

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