Any iPhone has an app already installed known as “Clock.” since the application does a lot over simply monitor the time. You can even take advantage of the “Clock” application like a stop watch, as an example. Probably one of the most interesting feature is the ability to use the “Clock” app being a completely useful alarm clock. You are able to add as much different alarms as you’d like by looking into making some changes towards the primary application user interface.

iOS Calender app

Step 1

Look for the “Clock” app icon on your iPhone. Moreover to having a label reading “Clock,” this icon also has a white-colored image of a time on it. Tap this symbol one time to start the local time app on your iPhone.

Step 2

Tap the icon marked “Alarm” at the end of the display. “Alarm” is one of four icons that are existing on the end half of the device. The others consist of “World Clock,” “Stopwatch” and “Timer.”

Step 3

Tap the “+” button in the application’s upper right corner to create a new alarm. A new blank alarm template will open on your iPhone screen.

Step 4

Complete the boxes on-screen with the details of your preferred alert. Use the “Repeat” category to specify whether this is an alert that should be used only once, or if it is one you need to do it again every so often. Use the “Sound” category to choose from one of a range of available sounds to be to use as the real sound alert. Use the “Snooze” option to specify whether you have the capability to momentarily quiet the alert, just like the way you could silence an alarm. Use the “Label” category to give your alarm a name, which will help you remember its goal if you set up more than one alarm.

Step 5

Use the hour and minute dials at the bottom of the screen to select an exact time for your alarm. Be sure to specify whether the alarm is AM or PM. When finished, tap “Save” in the upper right corner. You will return to the earlier “Alarm” screen. The alarm you just created will now be listed among the available alarms. Tap the “On” button to enable your alarm. The alarm will not go off at the specified time.

Note that you can also replicate these steps on an iPod Touch, which has a clock application that is identical to the one on the iPhone. The Apple iPad, however, lacks a native clock application of any kind.