iCloud Tabs is actually a brilliant feature for Mac and iOS gadget users that enables you to view sites which are open on the other gadgets using iCloud.iCloud

Things You’ll Need

  • A minimum of a couple of the following: An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 6 or later or a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or later
  • An iCloud account established to synchronize between your devices

Step 1
Start with launching some sites in Safari on among your devices that syncs with iCloud.

Step 2
Now do to another iCloud-connected device and start Safari. Take a look at are launching the Safari app by using an iPad.

Step 3
Tap into the iCloud Tabs option (the cloud icon between Bookmarks and Share option) on the top of the Safari user interface.

Step 4

An index of webpages which are open on the other iCloud devices is displayed. Tap on among the sites listed.
Step 5

The page is loaded within your device’s browser.



  • In some cases it may have a small time for iCloud Tabs listings to update. Try stopping Safari and launching it once again to hurry things up.
  • In case you have issues with iCloud Tabs, make sure that the fact that Safari establishing is turned to On within the Settings app in the iCloud section.


Ensure that you don’t use iCloud Tabs on shared pc’s and devices. For those who do you could risk sharing private details or bank information with other people who’ve use of a connected computer or device.