We use emojis on a regular basis on smartphones everyday. For those who don’t know much about emojis,they are the tiny characters that appear on your smartphone page, Facebook page or other social media pages which has a range of different expressions to express yourselves. You can make use of these emojis to express your emotions without writing a lengthy sentence to let others know what you’re thinking at the moment. Fortunately these little characters are not just limited to your smartphones but they can be used on Windows and tablets too!!

After a great run on Android and iPhone these emojis were added by Microsoft on Windows platforms starting from Windows 7 and till now Windows 10 has the best emoji support ever with a dedicated emoji keyboard with latest standards. Now I will show you how to use them on Windows emoji keyboard shortcut.

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Using Emojis on Windows 7

Windows 7 was initially launched by Microsoft with no emoji support on its keyboard. The emojis were launched later in an upgrade of Windows 7, so if you are not able to use emojis on PC keyboard just upgrade your Windows 7 to the latest version which supports emojis. Here’s how one can use emojis on their Windows 7 operating system.

1.From the desktop screen just right-click on the taskbar.

2.Select the “Touch Keyboard” options in the toolbar to enable the new Touch keyboard provided by Microsoft in the latest upgrades.

3.When you click on the touch keyboard the on screen keyboard appears and then click on the smiley face button next to the spacebar which displays a number of emojis.

However Windows 7 operating system has a less number of emojis than other Windows operating systems.

Using Emojis on Windows 8

A emoji keyboard was introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1.Google Chrome doesn’t support these emojis however it can be used after installing an add-on. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer supports these emojis already so you won’t need to install any add-on.

1.From the desktop screen, right click on the taskbar and choose Touch Keyboard in the Toolbars section.

2.Your system tray at the bottom of your screen would now show a new icon that resembles a keyboard which is actually the touch keyboard. Just click on it.

3.Now the onscreen keyboard appears like here in the picture shown below

4.Now to access these emojis, click on the smiley face button next to the spacebar which displays a number of emojis.

5.Now you can click on any emoji you want to use in the text field displayed.

Now you have access to the emoji keyboard, which you can use to insert any emoji into your posts on Facebook,Twitter or any other similar apps.

Using Emojis in Windows 10

Using emojis on windows 10 is quite like using it on Windows 8 and 8.1. You have to use the on-screen keyboard to use these emojis. This is how the onscreen keyboard appears.

1.Enable the touch keyboard by going to your taskbar, right click on it and select the show Touch Keyboard button.

2.Now a small keyboard icon will seem on the bottom of your screen just click on it and the on screen keyboard will appear. Click on the smiley face button next to the spacebar to use the emojis. Here’s how the keyboard would appear after you click on the smiley face button.

These emojis has been categorized into various categories like emoticons, symbols, love, eatables and more. The category button has been provided at the bottom of the keyboard and you can use it to insert other emojis of different category.

The colour tone of the emojis could also be changed by clicking on the small square provided just beside the smiley button. You can choose a specific tone from the six different provided colour tones.

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