Snapchat and Instagram users are all so excited when there is an update. The one thing that connects both the users is the similar feature that both apps share. But we not all our friends have an account in either of the apps. If you have uploaded a video in snapchat but your Instagram friends do not get to know it , isn’t that sad ?

This blog is all about tricks and techniques about various iOS and android features. This article is also related to the trick and techniques to upload your Snapchat video to Instagram story. This will definitely be useful to Instagram users who are unhappy about the basic features in Instagram. With this cross platform technique you can bring about the best video using high end features in snapchat and post it for your Instagram followers.

Let us walk through the step by step instructions to upload Snapchat video onto your Instagram story.

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How to Upload Snapchat Videos to Instagram Stories on iPhone and iPad :

  • In the first step , capture a snap in your Snapchat.
  • After capturing a snap , click on the save/download button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Your snap is  saved now. Click the “X” button at the top left corner.

  • Following the previous step , tap on the “Memories” button at the center ( Under the shutter button). Select the snap you just saved.
  • Now swipe up onto the video.

  • At the bottom , locate share button and tap on it.

  • To save the video in your device , tap on the “save video” button that pops up.

  • Next up , open the Instagram app. Tap on the camera symbol at the top left corner or swipe right.

  • Now you need to swipe the screen from edge to select the video to upload it.

  • Select the video you just saved from snapchat and do the necessary styling (stickers , scribble , text)

  • Finally tap on the arrow at the bottom right corner to upload it.

  • Now the video has been posted on to your Instagram story for your Instagram followers to have a look at.

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Cross app usability and its efficiency will make your followers go crazy and excited same as you. This convergence will be a great advantage to intersect the features and make the best use of technology and photo sharing apps. Let the Instagram world know how your night party went just like your snapchat followers with your iPhone and iPad.