So, how are you going to switch for using CentOS web panel, which is free software can be use as a substitute reference regular cPanel. I suggest this, you can read more to unlock this secret. You’ll see the display on this panel or can be shortened by CWP is not inferior to a regular cPanel, simple and easy to understand.

cwp logoI thought that this advantage does not disappear when to compare to the advantage of regular panel, and doesn’t need a reason not to try server centOS web panel. You should know that centOS web panel provides a variety of feature that very complete and easy to use. When you need help, you know CentOS control panel will help you to stay fine. Don’t worry.

If you use web hosting, the navigation bars should make you feel comfort and when managing file web host and of course, it was just simple to easy. People use cPanel for manage website, but since this is also a panel that is commonly used of more panel available. But, if you want to use a navigation panel that makes you comfortable and easy to use, this is also an option to switch the best decision.

You will get help at any time, and the staff will immediately help you without any budget. Don’t worry. Let’s follow the step below, you make sure CentOS Web Panel has been installed on your server and into the dashboard CWP as a user via port 2030 and the following settings:



1.Setting Nameserver

The nameservers is a computer that’s permanently connected the internet and automatically translate the domain names into IP address and applies to reverse, wich will help you to simply enter domain name instead of IP address. If you are going to register the domain name, you will need at least two nameserver configures to answer the ask for domains name in question. You also need to register a private nameserver at your domain registrar panels.


In CentOS web panel, you can specify the default nameservers and make it function and edit IP DNS nameserver. Enter the nameserver will you use and place your server’s IP, then click save changes button. If completed, you will see messages like this:

Update Nameserver!

Moreover, don’t miss to register two nameserver for the domain registrar that you want. If you have a trouble, you can directly consult domain registrar to manage it.


2.  Preparation of sharing IP

IP settings on is important. But, if you happen to miss this rare piece, then surely you cannot be hosted on your own private server site. Even when you type VPS IP on the browser, will not work any or cannot be accessible. So, if you have a free IP, do this step is important and determines IP every detail on your server for use by others hosting.

Back to the settings and then select Edit Settings button. Enter server IP that you use today. Back to Apache port 80 by default if it is not already enabled Varnish, and don’t forget to include your email address. As below.


If you click the Save Changes button, it will be an automatically you’ll see a message like this: Data Updated!


3.  Setting Hosting Packages

Basically, web hosting package plan hosts are used to seeing in a variety of providers. The hosting package also has a limited bandwidth, the number of domains that are allowed, and disk space, or etc. Still a matter of CWP, we’ll talk about the election package and adds usage. After the Add Pack A, next you will be asked to fill in the name of the package and set some limits with the click of a button CREATE.


Once completed, you will see a message has: Data has Updates!

4.  Creating User Accounts

You must remember that you are the one user root as an account to use WHM for cPanel can manage all account. Now, you must create a user account belonging to yourself. For example, you must use a domain user account to add your site in a personal hosting server. How to open a menu of user accounts, and then click a new account. After that fill all the required fields and options.

If you’ve done it, enter the main domain in the Domain Column. You can change or leave choice or default. Finished, click CREATE button. On the following pages we sill see general virtual host file of domain account details contained therein. Now, you can always add a new site that is different as well addon domain. But, we can choose to create a new account or not and only use

softaculous5.  Installing Softaculous

Next in the fifth, if you are looking for the other options, then it would be you need for your users. Softaculous script installer that only a can be run with one click. If you want can add this script and immediately enjoy the centOS web panel software with a single click that popular. You know it’s very easy to think, for that let to the script installer and select the script manager. You will find their Softaculous Install button and click it.


Not hard right? If you refresh your browser, it will display the installation is complete, and you will see a new menu is added in the lower left corner. They all are some basic configuration on a new install CentOS Web Panel. After we install and run it, we will be surprised by the benefits of this small server. He gives tremendous benefits and make me comfortable using. This is the time you’re also trying to switch and using a small server with a huge advantage.

Let us prove that CentOS Web Panel does have the advantage that should be exhibited. The fact CWP also provides all the tools managing servers we need and moreover we can ask for support at no cost premium. I think that the notion of a support is very important, but we are so spoiled by an alternative server in the competition. Maybe. I think we have to be at the right time to feel the experience of managing the site easily and quickly without paying. Yes, you can get and use for free and get premium support. Don’t worry about it. All the comfort that we will fill in one package.

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Okay, let’s make sure that the CentOS web panel server has been useful and you feel directly use it, you can suggest it to your friends and they will be surprised by this server. If you find it difficult, you can always happy what I had done. Once you understand the Basic Configuration for CentOS Web Panel, you will be taken to enjoy the comfort of others. All right, leave a message and you have to try it yourself. Or increase it so much be better. We would be pleased to answer your questions to help boost the use of better.