Tweet’, the favorite word in social networking. Twitter, the widely used social networking site for not only connecting with people but also for some intellectual talk and sharing of various interests among like-minded groups. Today I decided to take you through some useful top twitter tips and tricks and freak should know.

How to personalize your profile:

The first thing any social networking user would love to do is to post a lovely profile picture. On twitter, the space also provides us to describe oneself in 160 characters. You also have an option to change your picture as and when you like. Go to your profile, click “Edit Profile”:

Twitter edit profile

twitter change your profile photo

How to Tweet by using @:

You want to target any user, and then start a tweet by prefixing @ to the username. The tweet is visible to the person in question and the follower of both.

How to Tweet

How to retweet (RT):

You want to re-post some interesting post, just retweet it. By doing so, the retweet will still be there even if the original tweet has been deleted. You have to copy the tweet and paste it on the new tweet page. Prefix RT to the author’s name and tweet the message.

How to retweet (RT)How to Search and save the search results

How to Search and save the search results:

Twitter search supports advanced search operators, amazing. Isn’t it? You want to search for some city and want results with links, here it is Hyderabad Filter: links. You also have an option “save this search”. To save the search if, you found what you were looking for. Or just type anything in the search box, it results with something on the page, on the left pane, you see “advanced search”, click that. Here is where, you can narrow down your search.

How to Search and save the search results

Jargons a twitter user must swear by:

Twitter user must be familiar with the twitter language. Most common ones are RT – Retweet, DM – Direct Message, # Hashtag. Consider using #, such as, #IPL, you can see all the IPL related tweets and posts. It is always better to use 2 hashtags per tweet.

How to make use of Twitter professionally:

Users widely use this for business purposes too. Eg: Follow us @twitter profile page. Mention the twitter page on your business card, email signature, blog etc.


Get better ideas on tweet:

It is always good to follow the masters in any field, similarly follow the top celebrities that could give a better idea to tweet and retweet.

How to use Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts – You are someone who prefers to browse on our very own computer monitor, browse and type on the keyboard, and then this is something for you. N for a new tweet, F for a favorite, R to reply and T to retweet.

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How to pin your tweets:

Pin your tweet permanently till the time you want to replace it. Go to the tweet you want to pin and click on more buttons, select ‘pin’. Now this gets fixed to your profile. You can unpin it by going to the same ‘more’ option.

How to pin your tweets

Scheduling tweets:

Scheduling tweets is one option that comes in handy which allows planning your tweets. Login/sign-up to, click on ‘compose tweet’, click ‘scheduling’ tab.

How to embed a tweet:

Share your twitter content on other social networks by reposting your tweets. Embedding a tweet is also possible. Click on the date in the upper right-hand corner, click ‘more’, select embed tweet, you will see the code. Copy the code to your blog. This will share your twitter content. Click on the gray icon on top of the profile page. Select direct messages and click on create a new message. Once, it is submitted, it appears in the recipients’ box.

How to embed a tweet

How to use Direct Tweets:

Direct tweets – Direct tweets are one-to-one tweets and a great way to communicate. They are personal messages to develop strong relationships and communicate. There are 2 types, one is direct message and (@) replies. One can send a reply to the tweet by simply hitting ‘reply’ button. The at-replies will be seen publicly too. Direct messages are visible only to the intended recipient.Click on the gray icon on top of the profile page. Select direct messages and click on create a new message. Once, it is submitted, it appears in the recipients’ box. On clicking ‘More’, you get the below options:

How to use Direct Tweets

How to use Media messages:

You can also include different types of media like images and videos. There are different tools available.

Twitpic – Create an account on and upload photos to share them on twitter.

Yfrog – This is yet another media-sharing service.

Youtube videos – The most popular tool to share videos. You could just enter the URL into the tweet.

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Discussed above are widely used options. Twitter users swear by these twitter tips and tricks. I am sure, you will definitely try most of these options discussed in my article.