Nobody in this world who possesses an ‘Apple iPhone’ would like to lose it like forever. But the second thought is much scarier. What, if the iPhone or your iPad is stolen by a thief, drug peddler, murderer or terrorist. What if the thief, who has stolen phone is a hacker? Sounds so horrible. Isn’t it?

Yes of course the situation is beyond the level of horror for everyone because all our most information is carried out by us with these wonderful gadgets . It seems as if our memory is stolen out by someone.

Activation Lock is the most advanced and key feature when we talk about “Find my iPhone “. This is a technique for anyone to lock his/her phone remotely by putting it in lost mode. Wondering how this is gonna help you? Very simple in this way it help you to password protect your device remotely and you can give a custom message on the Lock screen of the device .This can help the person who finds your lost device to reach to you and then they can call and arrange a meeting with you and handover your lost phone or device. Also it is very important to highlight the fact that when put in ‘Lost Mode’, No one will be able to restore or reactivate your device without your ‘ID & Password.

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Find My iPhone

Procedure to Put your iPhone or iPad in Lost Mode:
  • First thing to do is with the use of your Apple ID log on to the “ Find My iPhone App “ from any of your Apple device such as iPad or an iPhone or even iPod touch. It really doesn’t matters from which device you log on and same way I guess i didn’t mean that you must log on with your (own) device . Did I ? No, absolutely you are free to log on from even your friend’s device or can be of anyone’s .What matters is Don’t use any other new Apple ID or password .Use the same password and Apple ID of the device you are trying to put into Lost Mode.You will have to login with same Apple ID and password for the device on which you have to turn on Lost mode.
  • Once you are in then the app will show you a map and list of devices that are linked to your Apple ID. Tap on the iPhone device that was lost or stolen, as mentioned in the above image to select it.

Select device

  • Now what you have to do is to Tap on the ‘Actions’ button at the top of the bottom of the screen then tap on the ‘Lost mode’. See the above image to know how it is done.

Turn on Lost Mode

  • This is a confirmation step here you will be requested to confirm if you want to turn the lost mode on or not. If you select it then the lost mode will turn on.

confirm passcode

  • I said about Passcode right? Now some will be worried about it so let me tell you what can be done if the device on which you want to turn on Lost Mode is not having a Passcode .Here on such a case you simply have to set up one passcode and type it again and now you confirm it. But if the device luckily has a passcode you don’t have to bother about it so you can directly go in for the next step. The above image will help you in understanding the step.

Enter a phone number

  • Now you get the option of entering the phone number where you can be reached. And the phone number you enter here will be shown on the Lock Screen of the device. This is just an optional step to proceed with .But I recommend that it’s really important to do it . So when your Lost device is found by some it can give them a quick way to give this back to you as you can be reached with the phone number easily. I guess you are clear with this now you can click on “Next” to go further.

enter a lock screen message

  • Now you are almost about to get it done. Here the last part to do is to enter a message which needs to be shown on the Lock screen of your device along with your phone number on which you can be reached when your device is lost.

Let me give you an example; “My iPhone has been lost. Kindly reach me “. This is just an example. You can custom your message as you like to do. In the upper right corner of your screen you can find “Done” so click on it as shown in the above image. This action will activate ‘LOST MODE.’

Lost Mode

Finally, your ‘Lost Mode’ is active and it will be shown in the lost device. Notice the red banner at the top and the lock icon on the lost device as shown in this above image.

So, Like this your phone can be locked via lost mode of iPhone and if someone tries to plug your iPhone in iTunes to restore it then they cannot be able to do it. And they will see the following message:

Lost mode -iTunes cannot be connected message

After all this, You got your iPhone back then you can turn off the ‘Lost Mode’ with the help of two most prominent methods.

  • Find My iPhone:                                                                                                                                                                   

You may be in need to turn off Lost mode in your iPhone sometimes this can be possibly done with the Find My iPhone. For this you be well sure that the device you choose for this already has Lost mode turned on. Tap on “Turn Off Lost Mode “,this you can find on your screen ;exactly at the bottom part of your screen . Now you see a pop up which request on a confirmation hence you tap “Turn Off”.

turn off lost mode

  •   Turn off ‘Lost Mode’ from the lost device:

The device on which Lost mode was turned on, You can disable lost mode on iPhone by the help of entering passcode . Here you just need to slide for unlocking the device and just enter your passcode .Now iPhone lost mode turn off automatically.


These are all the methods and techniques to safeguard your precious iPhone and iPad. Try to work out with these steps anytime or every time your phone is lost. These methods are your smart phone savers and try to always carry your smart phone with yourself only. So now you are all set with the process of How to turn on Lost mode on iPhone and iPad .