Apple news is a stock iOS app that gives you all the latest news. The users get all the up to date information on fashion , entertainment , politics and stuff.

You can subscribe to various channels that offer latest updates on the beat you are interested in. Users receive instant notification when new stories come up.It is in the hands of the users whether to set push notification for the news updates or to turn off.

Enable or Disable Notifications for the News App on iPhone and iPad

Based upon your need you can customize the notification and alerts.Now let us look into the steps to be followed to Turn off Notifications for the News App For A Particular Channel On iPhone and iPad.

  • Open the “News App” in your iOS device.
  • In the bottom of the app , You will find the “Favorites Tab“.
  • Tap on the notifications icon at the top left corner.

  • You will be navigated to a new page , where you will see the list of
  • news sources you have subscribed to. Toggle the button next to a source which you wish to turn off news notifications on iPhone or iPad.

  • Find the “Done” at the top right corner of the page to finish.

If you want to customize the news alerts you receive from apple news , we do have an option for that.

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Customization available for the News app :

  • Users can prevent the notification from appearing on “Notification Center”.
  • App allows you to disable sound and badge app icon.
  • We can Disable the notification from appearing on the lock screen.

  • You can change the news alert style. Default style is “Banner“.

1.Launch your Settings App. Click on the “News App“.


2.Tap on the “Notification” to change the settings.


Launch “Settings App” . Go to the “News App“.

Tap Notifications. Toggle the switch next to “Allow notification

This is the way you can disable the notification from “News App“. Follow the above steps to permanently stop news notifications iPhone or iPad.


News apps are the best way to have the latest and up to date news on your palm within minutes. There are lots of channels coming up to serve us better.

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Sometimes we may feel few apps are unnecessary. We have all the options to make changes. Follow these steps to disable the alerts once for all. You have the option to customize based on  requirements. Get updates and know all the current happenings without any hindrance.