TrueCaller is the best and worlds largest phone numbers community,which keeps the details of millions of people over the globe. TrueCaller helps you to find who is calling you, some days before I also used many mobile number tracing services but no use because all services just showing the telecom circles only, But TrueCaller is the amazing app, there you can find unknown callers name location, photo by searching mobile number or else you can search by name to find mobile number.

Whenever we receive a call from unknown number, it’s actually a best idea to find the details of the mobile number. When I see a number of missed calls from unknown persons, rather than calling them back again instantly, Everyone must know at least the name of unknown call but however it wasn’t possible for all of us before the time of smartphones. But now we’ve got smartphones and we can easily install TrueCaller to know the name and other information of each and every unknown phone number. TrueCaller is one of the best service, which allow you to find the details of unidentified mobile numbers. Best part is, TrueCaller is also accessible on online, and they’ve mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry.


It is actually an application that works as a caller ID. Actually it’s a worldwide Caller ID which shows the name of the unknown caller, regardless of no matter if their number is saved TrueCaller id on your smart phone or not.

It’s going to take couple of seconds for the app to evaluate the number and show the details. Well, this app does needs 3G and EDGE and Wifi connection for working. It does with a feature which allows the users to find the location of the caller via allowing Google Maps on their device.

TrueCaller App How It works?

TrueCaller is a world wide dynamic listing for mobile phones. It makes use of the phone directory of users who’ve installed TrueCaller to develop the databases of mobile numbers, and any user can perform number lookup or Name lookup with it. Just before, I’ll reveal more features of TrueCaller, let’s have a look at this introduction video, which describes how TrueCaller service works:

The application performs on very easy concept. It fetches name and other information of each and every user who’s working with this app. Like now you could be making use of TrueCaller on your smartphone so TrueCaller has obtained accessibility to each of the items of your contacts. This is the way data source of TrueCaller is developed and it is very well maintained by their developers.
Caller Details with Photo

Features of TrueCaller App:

  • Caller ID – Makes it possible to identify who is calling before picking up the call (Needs 3G or Wireless network).
  • Block calls ( Avoid Scam Calls) – Offers you accessibility to our comprehensive top spammers listing and makes it simple to easily stop calls from all numbers reported as spam or junk.
  • You’re able to do a full free reverse look up of any mobile number. Which means, When you have a phone number then use True caller to obtain the contact details of that number.
  • TrueCaller app available for all countries.
  • It’s available for all mobile platforms like android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Nokia S60, Nokia S40. You find here :
  • It’s also possible to use TrueCaller online by visiting their official website here:
  • It is possible to discover contact details of any person, however this service is paid and you will need to get True-caller credits.

How you can Remove Your Number from TrueCaller:

To Simply Unlist and Remove Your Mobile Number from TrueCaller, adhere to the following easy steps:
Unlist or Remove Your Number in TrueCaller

  1. Go to or Click Here
  2. Now Choose your nation.
  3. Type in your Mobile Number and Enter the Captcha.
  4. And finally click the blue button at right side.

That’s it, you’ve Correctly Unlisted! Your mobile number from TrueCaller Database.

Would you use Truecaller? Do you know the features you are getting right after using it? Did you know some other alternative of Truecaller service?

  • Chitraparna

    I have been using TrueCaller for the last couple of months and it’s really wonderful…BTW, I didn’t know about unlisting…thanks for sharing! I just unlisted my number 😀

    • Parthiban Raja

      Hey Chitraparna,
      TrureCaller is the great service why are you unlisted your number from that service.
      Thanks for dropping your comment here.

  • Nilantha Madhushanka


    It’s an amazing service. When I get a call from an unknown number, it’s a good idea to find the details of the number. when I see a list of missed calls from unknown numbers, instead of calling them back immediately, I try to find out who is the caller.

    Great service..

    • Parthiban Raja

      Hey Nilantha,
      Thanks for your comment, Using TrueCaller application you can also block unwanted and spam calls on your mobile.

  • Kamal Pandey

    True caller shows the power of smartphone it has helped a lot of time and saved me a lot of money and time instead of calling back just check the details. Thanks for sharing.

    • Parthiban Raja

      Hey Kamal Pandey,

      TrueCaller is the one of my favourite and best app for smartphone, it’s works awesome.

      When somebody calling from unknown mobile number it’s shows caller details like name and photo of the caller, and also it helps us to block spam callers.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts here keep visiting.

  • siddu

    I want to add my friend phone number and photo in true caller how to add, and any one search that number means they can easily find my friend photo how to add tell me.

    • Parthiban Raja

      Hey siddu,

      TrueCaller automatically adds all mobile numbers but it takes some time, you don’t need to do anything.

      In the above I have explained how TrueCaller works and how they getting all mobile number from truecaller users phone book.

      If you need to add yourself on TrueCaller, simply add that mobile number with photo on some social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. .

  • Wild Employee

    I am looking for some numbers for tracking but it shows “Name Available” only, would anybody help me on this? Why is showing this name?

  • joromi

    Hi,do truecaller reveal people that searched for you on the True caller App

  • Vandarkuzhali Ranjith

    TrueCaller uploads the contact details who installs the app to the Server. What happens if more than 1 person have stored the same number under different names in the contact details. In that case how does the app work ? What name does it display ?

  • Priyanka Panicker

    Hey, thanks a lot for sharing all about TrueCaller. Really helpful article. I have also used some better automation tools like Outreach, Aeroleads, etc that helped me get relevant prospects.