I am here to explain about when you’re using the web browser if you can’t connect to your certain web sites it may due to certain reasons. Let see how to fix connection problems.


In Google chrome if you try to connect your websites it will show a message that Unable to connect to internet.

And if you try to open in Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at websites.

And in Internet explorer you will get Page cannot be displayed error.

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Windows Computer

Flush the DNS Cache:

Flushing the DNS cache in some cases it may help to solve the problems it can be done by holding the windows Key and press R to open the dialogue box and type the IP configuration and press Enter.

Check the Spyware and modified your HOSTSS file:

Click start menu and select Run.

Depends on your operating system do any one of the following:

If you’re using window 7,8,vista,XP users

Type c:windowssystem32driversetc

Windows 98 and windows ME user type:%WINDIR%

Using the NOTEPAD or WORDPAD open the Hosts file.

Each of the entry will show the some of the following:

0 pagead.googlesyndication.com ad.doubleclick.net

And it will block the sites due to some entries and run spyware scan using the utility like MalwareBytes or Spybot.

Blocking Access in Firewall software:

To solve in problems in Firewall the links will help you.

How to disable Norton Internet Security.

Enable/Disable the Windows firewall

Disable MacAfee firewall protection if it not work uninstall the firewall.