What do we consider as the most important in our smart phone? No doubt, it is absolutely our contacts!!!

We can see people updating contact list as their first hand job when they buy a new Smartphone. We give at most care when it comes about securing our mobile contacts. Smart phones generally allow us to copy or transfer contacts to new iPhone. Now a days we use phone as a fancy gadget. This trend has brought us so close to gadgets and we are waiting eagerly for the next best mobile in market . Changing our phone from time to time as much we love to use the new features . Isn’t it ? If yes . Then i am sure you will be spending time to transfer your contacts from your old mobile to latest one.

We are behind brands and great majority is Apple product lovers too . So if you are using an iPhone and brought a new iPhone , what would you you do on your new iPhone . For sure you will also give priority to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone. Won’t you ?  Yes.

Now the real problem need to be disclosed . But Apple iPhone does not allow their users to copy their contacts on the SIM card. One can only copy them on phone and then back them up on computer.

So sad 🙁 But still there will be be some solution which would be given in the session to you.

Now you are upset with a bothering question.

How will I use my contact in my old iPhone to latest iPhone ?

No worries , i will help you with this !!!

I don’t think you would be willing to lose any of your contact stored in your old iPhone while transferring it to new iPhone . But what i see commonly is  people  say they lost some contacts while  transferring contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone. That is going to be a worse problem .

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Is there Any possible way existing to solve this problem ?

If you ask me i will say yes .

You know why ? Because certain applications are available as a solution to solve this problem.

How to sync contacts from iPhone to another iPhone without losing your “precious “contacts . It is precious because certainly we forgot remembering the contact details . Mobile became our storage memory.

Apple itself has the solution. I mean , you can rely on Apple developed applications such as iTunes or iCloud and .vcf file. This helps to backup and transfer the contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone . This helps as a solution for data loss reported .

All you need to do is follow any of the three methods to transfer contacts from your iPhone to another iPhone:


Do you know what is iTunes ?

It is a mobile management application media library, and media player developed which is developed  by Apple . And how does this helps you is by assisting you on the process of restore and backup your contacts. Not only the contacts but also conversations, images, settings and data .

Transferring of data can be said as two step process. The first step is Data backup and second step is data transfer to your new iPhone to which you transfer the data.

iTunes - transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone


Connect your old iPhone into your PC/Mac with the Dock Connector to USB Cable . If it is connected you have to open the recent version of iTunes . This can be downloaded easily from http://www.apple.com/in/itunes/download/


Now the next step to go is from the menu bar choose your iPhone, click on the info and check whether Sync Contacts is enabled.


Tap Sync to synchronize your iPhone and its contacts with your computer.


Once you are done with the process , unplug your old iPhone and replace it with your new iPhone.


Now the main thing to be checked out is if “Sync Contacts ” is whether enabled. For that go to iTunes menu bar and from that select  iPhone.


Below the Advanced menu, check whether Contacts is selected under the “Replace information on this iPhone” sub menu. This will erase any contacts already stored on your iPhone and replace them with your iTunes contacts, that where from your old iPhone if you followed steps 1 to 3 in the right way.


To apply the settings, tap Sync and transfer contacts to your new iPhone.

METHOD 2– Using iCloud

Now we are going to discuss another method using iCloud.

Like we discussed using iTunes, to transfer contacts from your iPhone to another iPhone, here too there are certain steps to go through .


Tap iCloud on your iPhone.

iCloud - transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone


Tap the Backup option and turn iCloud Backup on. Your iPhone will automatically back-up contacts when plugged into a power source and a wireless network.


Go to iPhone Settings and open iCloud and tap Backup and Click on Back Up Now to backup iPhone automatically.


In order to set the other iPhone as the new device,go to Settings, tap General and select Reset.


Click on Erase All Content and Tap Erase iPhone to confirm. This will remove all content from your iPhone.At this be sure about you have a backup already before you do it .


Then you will get notified whether you want to restore your phone from a backup. Tap “Restore from iCloud Backup” and transfer the contacts stored in iCloud .

So guys you are given with wonderfully awesome and really simple 2 methods to solve this problem . Did you forgot what was the problem ? Well , it was all about transferring contacts to new iPhone. The simple way is Syncing your iPhone with iTunes is perhaps one of the most flexible way. Oops ! I forgot to say somethings it is not simply easy steps for just  apple iPhone transfer to new phone .It take cares about preventing data loss on the process . So happy calling with your new iPhone with transferring contacts from your old iPhone to new iPhone without losing any of your valuable contacts .