If you wish to transfer or copy music from CD to iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. Before at you need to transfer or import all songs to your iTunes. And I Like to share that how I  have been transferred songs to my devices. Either you can transfer all songs or selected songs both you can do it. Here I am going to transfer only few songs let see how I had done and I will  teach you “how to transfer all songs to your iPhone or iOS device”.

Step 1:

Insert CD player to your iTunes you would like to transfer the songs or music from disc to your device.

Step 2:

You will get the prompt and ask you to ” would you like to import the CD” , If you want to import all songs the click “Yes” and skip to step 5. If you need to transfer only the selected songs then click “NO”.

Step 3:

In iTunes window at top left side select the menu and select Audio CD in the list.

Step 4:

Select the items you like to transfer to iTunes and then select Import CD.

Step 5:

Use MP3 , AAC encoder or other , select preference  of import and once songs are selected click OK.

Step 6:

Your Music album already has the songs and you will receive a prompt to overwrite it. Select Replace Existing or Don’t Replace as required.

Step 7:

Wait for some times until it rip CD to iTunes and connect your device to computer once it has been completed.

Step 8:

In iTunes window at right side, pan will appear and you can drag the album it will contains music and you can drop to your devices.

Step 9:

Finally you can eject your device once the transferred has done.

To transfer all songs from CD to iPod or copy music CD to iPhone. insert CD to your iTunes and get prompt to import all songs on disc click Yes and use MP3, AAC encoder select preference  of import and once songs are selected click OK.