Sometimes mobile phones are lost. This could be due to many reasons like self-negligence, theft or robbery etc. The problem arises when there is important private stuff in your phones which you won’t like to be disclosed in front of anyone. It may contain some family pictures, some private messages or some confidential information which shouldn’t be accessed by anyone. So for such things, many anti-theft or phone recover apps are available on Google, but mostly people don’t have any idea about them until they have lost their phones. There are certain ways to remote control and track your lost android phones, even if you have not downloaded these tracking apps. Hence you can pick one according to tour convenience, which are as follows;


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1.      Through Android Device Manager

You can find lost android phone with Google’s Android device manager. It is a tool designed by Google to help people find their lost phone tracking free, even if they don’t have any tracking application downloaded in their android phone. Just open any laptop and enter the model of your phone in your Google account and you will get the location of your android in less than a minute. But to make the most of this tool you have to connect your android with your Google account. Remember that it will only work for you if the android is powered on, connected to the to the internet and Google account as well, which is a drawback of this way. This is a new tool by Google, so it does not really have very well defined and intelligent features, but it is one of the ways of locating your phone.


2.      Through the Android Lost

Android lost is also a tool to track the phone and is somewhat like Google android device manager but people find it more complicated to use. You would have to install this app in the lost phone through Google play store and to use this tool, the phone has to be connected to your Google account with internet still on. It will automatically get installed in your lost android after you click the install button but the process does not end here. Afterwards you will need to activate or register it in the phone by sending a message through another phone including content androidlost register’. After registering, you can now locate the phone’s location by signing in to android lost website through your Google account and “send the location” option will appear for you to click to track the phone. This tracking tool also helps to locate misplaced phone as it offers the option of a loud alarm to make the screen of android flash for you.

3.      Through Plan B

Remember that the android lost tool does not work on the older version of android devices. It only works on android 3.0 or higher, but it does not mean that you can’t locate the lost android device which is running android 2.0 to 2.3. There is another tool called Plan B which works for older version of androids. Plan B also requires your phone to be connected with your Google account as well as with the internet to track the location of your lost android phone successfully. All you have to do is to download the tool from Google play store to your phone and after activation it will send you the exact location of the lost android phone to your Gmail id every ten minutes hence you will be able to track exact current location of the lost phone with Plan B.

4.      Through Google Map Location History

The above three tools need your phone to be switched on, connected to internet, and connected to your Google account, but what if the thief powered your phone off? For this result you can go with the option of Google map location history to track the lost android phone. If the device was previously connected to your Google account and had the access to internet then you can track it even if it is turned off now. All you have to do is to activate the location history and location reporting by Google setting app in the android so that if you lost the phone you can track it by clicking show timestamps   on Google maps’ location history however make sure that the calendar in your phone is set on automatic update option.

5.      Through Dropbox

If the Dropbox is installed in your phone then activate its camera upload option. This way, if the phone gets lost then every time the thief takes a picture from your phone, the camera upload will automatically save the picture in the Dropbox’s camera upload folder. Hence, you can track the location of the phone if you succeed in identifying the background.Dropbox-Camera-Upload