track your iPhone or iPad without using tracking app

If you have lost your iPhone or iPad or if someone has stolen it and you want to track your iPhone or iPad without using tracking app because you didn’t install any on it, worry not. You can still track your iPhone or iPad. You can even lock your device until you find it or wipe all the data. You can also track your stolen or lost Macbook using these tricks. Ideally, you should install Find My iPhone app on your device from the official App Store. But if you haven’t, you need not worry, you can still track your iPhone or iPad without it. Find my iPhone app works on the iCloud service. It is just another way to use iCloud service to find your iPhone or iPad. You can use your iCloud without the app too. All you need to have is a browser and your AppleID details. If you are worried that your device might be disconnected from iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone or wipe your iPhone or iPad, there’s a feature available on iOS 7 and later versions, called Activation Lock. Activation Lock prevents anyone from disconnecting your device from iCloud, changing Find My iPhone setting or erasing your device, unless they have your AppleID password.

Now let’s talk about how will you track your iPhone or iPad without using tracking app .

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Primary Method


In order to Track your iPhone or iPad without the tracking app, you have to use the iCloud service to find its location. You can access iCloud through and log in using your AppleID details.

Click on “Find My iPhone” icon:

Once you complete the sign in, you will be able to see your dashboard. Click on Find My iPhone icon (First one in second row). Find My iPhone interface opens up, which also includes a map.

Select Your Lost iPhone or iPad:

After the interface opens, click on All Devices drop-down menu and select your stolen or missing device.

Start The Tracking:

Once you have selected the stolen or lost device, the tracking will start. This might take a while. Once tracking is complete and the map shows the location of your iPhone or iPad on the map. You can send a signal to your device which causes it to ring, in case it’s in your house and you can’t locate it. If still can’t locate it, you can also try activating Lost Mode or erase all your data. Erasing the data should only be a last resort since you won’t be able to track your iPhone anymore.  Once you have activated Lost Mode, your device will be locked with a password and a message that you can write along a contact number hoping that if someone discovers your device, they’ll return it back to you.

Lost Mode can also activate location services on your device. However, the one drawback is that to track your iPhone or iPad without using tracking app through this method, the device needs to be on and connected to internet through WiFi or mobile data. Unless it’s connected to internet, you cannot locate its location through iCloud.  You can, however, get a notification as soon as your lost device comes online. These steps are all you have to do to track your iPhone or iPad without having a tracking app.

ios7_lost_mode_trackAlternative Method:

There is another service that can help you track your iPhone or iPad without using tracking app. However, this method works when you have location history enabled on your device.

Use Google Maps to track your iPhone or iPad:

Like Apple, Google also gathers information about your location. This might be considered an invasion of privacy and most people disable location services on their devices, but it can prove to be useful for when you lose your device or it gets stolen and you need to track your iPhone or iPad without using tracking app. Google’s Location services use your location history to map out where you have been. Using this feature, you can find out where the lost or stolen phone has been based on the location information it sent to Google. If your device is still on and connected to the Internet, it will send its location so you can see where it is and get it back. Follow these steps to track your iPhone or iPad:

  • Through a browser, visit
  • Make sure your Google+ account is logged in.
  • Select today’s date on the Calendar present on the left side.
  • Check the last reported locations of your mobile to retrieve it.
  • You can also check the last time the location data was updated.
  • In case your iPhone or iPad is lost, you can go get it. But if it has been stolen, maybe contact the authorities first instead of going after the thief yourself. If it was lost but the location keeps changing, maybe try calling your iPhone beforehand.