There are umpteen times when we send emails across the World Wide Web to email addresses, sometimes before known, and sometimes unknown, and then go ahead to receive no reply – no feedback. Absolute radio silence! Frustrating isn’t it?

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So what do you do then?

What if it is an important email sent to a college you are keen on applying to, what if it a request to your professor to re-grade your paper? What if it is an important office email that requires a reply? What if it a query from an organization? Or sometimes, what if it’s just an email sent to a dear friend whom you haven’t heard from in a while and wish to correspond with?

You could always send another email and hope for a reply. If that fails, you can send another. But what if the silence continues? Or what if the person on the other end just doesn’t seem to want to talk to you and for no obvious reason of yours just gets really annoyed with you – just because you re-sent a harmless email!

Thus, to avoid being a nuisance to any and all people out there who may or may not have electronically corresponded with you ever in their seemingly fast-paced human lives, Track your email has been sent or Read by recipient!

Track your email

This will save you the pain of wondering if your email has indeed been read and save you from pestering people by jamming their inbox if indeed, your email hasn’t been read yet. In the case of it actually have been read, and then promptly unanswered, it will save your own dignity and you won’t have to be considered more of a nuisance to someone who obviously has no interest in communicating with you – at least, online.

Now the question arises – How do you track your email?

And you most definitely do not know that, since you’ve stumbled upon this article quite obviously looking for an answer!

It’s really not that difficult. Scroll down to know how:

For the bulk of the Gmail users out there –don’t fret! Since you obviously trust Google enough to use the emailing application, here’s hoping you have Chrome on your computers.

(For the ones who do not have Google Chrome as their browser – I pass no extreme judgment, except the mental ill humor directed right at you. Please download and install Google Chrome. It’s easy. It’s simple. And yes. It’s FREE! )

Once you have Google Chrome on your computer, all you need is the Right Inbox extension. This can be found on the Chrome Web Store. Kindly download this. After downloading it, install it and approve the setup.

After installation has been completed, re-open your Chrome browser and do to once more login to Gmail. If you were already logged in, a button will appear with “Continue” written on it. Click on this button. After you tap on the button, you will be provided with instructions about how to use your account. Follow these instructions.

Now to start tracking your email, click on the “Compose” button. You will notice an extra button has appeared with “Track” written on it. So, from now on, when you are about to send an email, just click “Track” before clicking on “Send Now”, and the email you have sent will be tracked.

Nothing else is required. When the email is opened, you will be notified via email about the “opened and read” status of your sent email. This is the easiest method to track your email and no scripting or programming is required.

For Yahoo Mail however, there is no such “return receipt” or “track” feature. Thus, unless your client or recipient’s ISP has an automatic “deliver return receipt” feature, there is no sure way of knowing if your email that you wrote with such panache, has actually been read so alternative measures need to be taken in such direct cases.

You always have the option of opening up a Gmail account, since everybody and their grandmother seems to have one. But on the off-chance that you don’t, there are a bunch of other tricks that you are most welcome to try.

Bug your email!


 All emails can have an image attached to the body of the mail. So if you use a tracking bug that is embedded and encoded in this image that you happen to inconspicuously send across to your recipient, they won’t know it, but your bug will relay an electronic response to you once your email has been opened. For those who suffer from the lack of a “return receipt”, this hack is the next best thing!

You can also use unconventional, yet totally effective applications or sites that offer email tracking services such as DidTheyReadIt, or even create accounts on email tracking sites such as Contact Monkey.

Happy Tracking!