#1 JustCloud

Justcloud is a one of the best iCloud Alternative For Windows/Linux/Android, JustCloud now provides 1 GB of totally free space to new accounts entrepreneurs and you can increase the area to 250 GB or unlimited space based on your needs by spending a per month icloud cost below 5$. JustCloud mainly concentrates on business class customers and it is a top quality support.

What Makes JustCloud Unique ?

JustCloud can find your device on a map just like The apple company iCloud and it is the only service that is an alternative to the The apple company iCloud for non-Apple system customers. None of the reasoning space for storage services offer you the ability to find your smart phone or laptop.

JustCloud can find out your device on a map just like The the apple company’s iCloud and it is the only service that is an alternative to the iCloud for non-Apple system clients. None of the cloud storage space services offer you the features to find your smart phone or laptop.

How to Find Your device Online?

Nowadays more and more people all over the globe are losing their gadgets due to theft and other issues, it will be excellent if there is a way to find out these missing devices quickly on the online on a map.

You can find your smartphone or PC/Mac online by setting up an App known as JustCloud, you can register for an account below. JustCloud is just another free top quality cloud storage space services that offer you the choice to find your gadget online but only provides a limited storage space area space of 1 GB.

so if you want extra storage space, you need to use another storage space services along with JustCloud like Megashare, Mega which give unlimited storage space or you can go for Google Drive or Copy.


[ JustCloud + GoogleDrive = Security + icloud backup ] = Free iCloud Alternative

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage space is a technology which is becoming a part of our everyday life due to it’s convenience of use features like file synchronize and device synchronize feature and the free storage area space provided by Google , Microsoft and other companies has made people addicted to the cloud storage area services. There are lot of things to consider when selecting a cloud storage area service, some of the important functions are the storage space volume, security of the cloud storage area , ease of use etc.

We have two choices to take, the first and simple one is to go with important and well-known organizations like Google and Microsof organization and believe in them that we are properly secured or take the second and difficult choice which is to do our own research and get own idea of each cloud storage alternatives and select the support right for us, the advantages of the second choice is that you have done your research and without a query in thoughts you can protect your data on the internet. This article explains the best and well-known thinking storage area space alternatives.

#2 SpiderOak


SpiderOak is another cloud storage space support just like that of Dropbox but the benefits of SpiderOak in evaluation to other solutions is their “Zero Knowledge encryption system” which creates sure that you will be the only one who will have access your details and even SpiderOak will not be having access to your account because SpiderOak will not have access the encryption key to encrypted the files.

SpiderOak Pricing

100 GB – $10/month

#3 Copy

Copy offers 15 GB of free storage area space capacity and all the data stored with Copy is properly secured by an AES 256 security requirements. The unique feature of Copy is the so called “Fair Storage” where you can separated the bill amount of shared folders, such as just say that there is a 100 GB folders shared between 10 clients then a single user only need to pay for 10 GB of space thus it makes easy for students and affiliates to buy variety. Copy also allows the clients to electronically sign the documents and files and there is no greatest possible quality limit for the details that you post. Copy client helps Microsoft windows, A linux system systemunix, Mac , android version of icloud and iOS devices.

copy cloud storage

Copy Pricing

250 GB – $ 9.99/Month

#4 Mediafire

Mediafire is a well-known file sharing service. Creating a concern with Mediafire is easy and all you need is your current email address and a security password to secure your account. Mediafire free data storage provides the customers a 50 GB of free space.


Mediafire Pricing

1000 GB – $2.49/Month

100,000 GB – 24.99/Month

#5 Google Drive

A major player with terms and security , Google Drive is the service from Google itself and like usual you need a Google account to use the Google Drive which is easy and will also give you availability all other Google alternatives like YouTube, Googlemail , etc. Formerly Google used to give 5 GB of free space, now Google has integrated the storage space space of all the alternatives into one and you will get a 15 GB free spave. The biggest possible size of a single computer file that you post is 10 GB. Google drive is available as an application in the Chrome store, Android market or the Play store, iTunes and there are apps for Microsoft windows, A linux and Mac.

Google Drive

Google Drive Pricing

100 GB $1.99
1 TB $9.99
10 TB $99.99
20 TB $199.99
30 TB $299.99

#6 Microsoft OneDrive ( Previously SkyDrive )

OneDrive (SkyDrive) is a support from Microsof organization which is another important player in reputation , OneDrive provides clients the ability to view,edit or share the data stored in the cloud from any PC, Mac or via apps on microsoft windows Phone, iOS and Android operating system devices. OneDrive like Google Produce can also be used to make back-ups for the item you are working it. OneDrive is a great choice to Google Drive users who are looking for a cloud help from a popular organization to store their information’s.


OneDrive Pricing.

100 GB $1.99/month
200 GB $3.99/month

Business Plan – 2.5 $ per user /month

#7 Dropbox

Dropbox is another biggest player in the cloud storage space support and is the primary competitor to Search engines and Microsof company and this storage space support is a worthy alternative for those who prefer not to use Google Drive or OneDrive to store and share information. Unlike Google and Microsof company, Dropbox doesn’t give you a 15 GB of free storage space area, you are only given a storage space area of 2.25 GB but there is option to increase your free storage to 16 GB by referreing friends to Dropbox. When one of your friends downloads and installs Dropbox on their computer, you will get an extra 500 MB free space. You can upload files via the Dropbox system or the web interface, using the web interface you can upload files with a largest size of 300 MB only but there is no limit on the size of file that you can upload using the Dropbox.


Dropbox Pricing

1000 GB (1 TB ) – $9.99/month or $99/year


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