Earlier world why iPhone become one of the most and best-selling smartphones on the market, because it as wide range of application. It is more exciting to know new iPhone or iOS features and it helps you a lot by using the iPhone. You could also find some new things which is really worth or useful to you.  And most probably most of the users should not be aware of all the features, there are so many things you can do with your iPhone device. I have discussed five iPhone features which your iPhone can do.

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By: Andreas Kambanis

1: Flash Alerts

One major thing that why  the users likes Blackberry phones because it as the flash alert feature. Most of  iPhone users does not realize that their phone also having this feature. You can do it just get in to general settings, you can activate  LED flash for alert it is available under the accessibility tab , And now camera light will flash when you will receive a notification.

2: Finding out which planes are flying Overhead:

Did you ever seen in the sky, A wondered plane was moving where the lucky travelers were traveling it’s not like something you’re doing on a daily life. Well, now you can find out exactly which flights are moving on the sky at this second by using your iPhone. Yes of course your iPhone device has that features Just ask it:What flights are above me? It will currently say which planes are overhead.

3: Customize Vibrations:

Could you know that you change the pattern of your vibration notifications. Even you can view and customize different patterns for different types of notifications. Just get in to the settings and  go through the sound, ringtone and vibration sections. Then select Create new vibration. If you wish to set vibration patterns for different contacts you can also done it get into the contact list ans select the particular number from your contact list.

4: Make your phone speak text:

Would you like to use this one’s randomly just to freak people out? First you have to enable Speak Selection. Just get in to the Settings, Select General, And then Select Accessibility. Finally Select Speak Selection and turn it on. Whenever you select text a Speak button will now seem. Additionally you can also choose different accents and even though you control the speed at which selected text is spoken.

5: Take Photo by using volume button:

Suppose if you’re wearing gloves sometimes it’s  very hard to take a picture by touching the capture button in such case, you can take the snap by pressing either the volume up or the volume down button. And now your problem is solved.