Top 5 Hidden Android Features

Android powers almost 70% of smart phones across the world. It is the most popular and most widely used operating system for touch screen mobile phones. While Android comes loaded with innumerable android features , there are some more that are not directly on display at the home screen or not mentioned outright in the user manual.


Android is an open source operating system and thus there are many smart phone makers using it. We are not looking at phone specific features which are subject to what a specific brand of smart phone would possess. In here, we are looking at hidden Android features which Android as the operating system has to offer. There might be some phones that wouldn’t offer such hidden Android features and some phones might offer many more.

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  • Android had been procured by Google long time back and naturally there are many Google services and features integrated to the operating system. One of such features is Google Search. Did you know that you can launch Google Search by pressing and holding onto the menu key for a few seconds? Yes, accessing Google Search on Android phones is that simple and easy. You do not have to toggle a midst the overcrowded menu filled with apps and icons. Press the menu key, hold onto it and the Android phone will launch Google Search.

  • Have you ever had your Android phone frozen? An Android phone does have the possibility of freezing and if you are wondering what you should be doing then here is a simple solution. Press the Home key, the Power button and Volume up button to force a reboot. You should hold the three keys simultaneously to initiate the reboot. It is simple and quite instantaneous.

  • Did you know that you can reboot your Android in safe mode? Android is an operating system, albeit for touch screen mobiles, and it has similar features that a computer’s operating system has. You can force a reboot, as aforementioned, and then you would get an option to start your Android phone in safe mode. Like a computer, you wouldn’t be able to access third party apps or such software when you are running your Android phone on safe mode but you can address some key issues, if you have any. When you reboot the phone again, you can start it normally, thus exiting the safe mode. Some Android phones may not need a forced reboot exactly as mentioned above. You can initiate safe modes after rebooting the phone by pressing the power off button alone for a considerable time. The trick is to let the phone respond to your press till which you shouldn’t let go off the button.

  • Android phones can come with substantial built-in memory but you would certainly rely on your SD card as well. Most users download apps and save a lot of multimedia content onto the phone. Some smart users prefer the SD card to be the primary storage option. If you think you have sufficient data on your phone which may be vulnerable to loss if the phone develops a problem then you should move your data to the SD card. You can easily move any application to your SD card as well. This is more important and handy because loss of apps can be disheartening. To move apps to your SD card, you need to go to Settings, followed by Application Settings, choose Manage Application and then Select Application to eventually select the Move to SD Card option.

  • Did you know that you can take screenshots of your Android phone and that too without using any third party software? You simply have to press the power button and the home button simultaneously. In some phones, the combination is power button and volume button. Some Android phones allow you to take a screenshot by just swiping your palm on the screen, as in Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

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