People some time is not comfortable with twitter because of its 140 character limit per tweet. We have seen a lot of people getting frustrated when they keep typing; looking at the keyboard, but the cursor keeps blinking at them without typing anything. Not all are shorthand specialists; we still have classic elaborates in the society who want to write more on their views and reviews, as not everything can be expressed in twitter 140 character limit.

I have run into this situation multiple times when I’m responding/replying to a friend. I feel twitter should consider increasing the character limit. The simple way to get the conversation continue is add continued “counted” create a new tweet, it impacts the reading, if I were the reader, I would rather postpone the reading of that tweet as it is kind of distracting.

We have explored on few popular apps that allow us to Tweet More Than 140 Characters on Twitter so that you don’t feel congested because of the restrictions. Get the apps and tweet maximum number of characters in a tweet with no restrictions.

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UI for tinypaste

Please do not go with the name “Tinypaste” this utility lets you paste or type text in a longer, then it associates with tiny UR. All you need to do is to paste them to your twitter as a tweet. Integrate it with your Firefox ease by installing the extension which will fetch you the URL just by right click straight away, which adds fun to your tweeting!

Big Tweet

Yes, this goes by the name, it can hold as big as 280 characters. It acts like a bookmark that breaks the tweets up to 280 words into multiple units and posts it to your Twitter from any web page you’re browsing. It gives you a better experience if you are a geek on web sites as you do not have to go back and forth. This wonderful app also provides options to insert special uni- code characters like smiley, emotions, symbols, signs and a lot more. Your tweets look interesting with these.



Post your long tweets with 140 characters along with the “Read More” link to check out the post. The tweets will be automatically posted on your profile using your account credentials. This helps you in not wasting time in copying and pasting things on your profile. Easy and faster way of posting your content.


This utility allows you to share text around the globe. All you got to do is to type the text, save it by hitting the ‘save txt’ button, this will fetch you a short URL. This URL will get you access to the text you copied, share the URL in your twitter and you are good to go. This is like tiny paste and no limitation with the number of characters you use.



This is slightly different than above tools. This helps you to shrink your tweet, and not generating a URL for the text that you have typed, this makes the work easier, not having to copy-paste. And this app also posts the tweets directly on your twitter profile. Great app to have live tweets and not embedding text under links.

tweet compressor


This is a grouping of twitter and blog when you group some products you enjoy the benefits of both isn’t it. That’s the same happens here. Login using twitter credentials, create a blog and publish the blog. The link pointing to the blog will be posted to your twitter account. If you are a blogger looking for sending your blog updates to the world this would be the right choice.


Tweeting is no longer frustrating isn’t it! We believe you would find the above tools useful to make it easy to share your view with the world via Twitter. So now, who cares about the Twitter’s limit on the number of characters? Happy tweeting!!