Tools and Apps to Supercharge Your Instagram Account

If you are someone who is absolutely a lover of social media way of life and looking to enhance the quality of communication; then you must consider these online tools for your social media activities. These tools are best suited for Android and iOS mobile apps which will enable you to do an array of interesting things such as editing pictures, scheduling uploads , scanning your cityscape and lot more.

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Tweetdeck for Twitter is known to everyone in the same way Pickdeck is for Instagram. The best thing with this is that the user interface is also very similar and you can easily add columns by hashtag or username.

Juicy Drops

Instead of having that default black background on your screen you can use an image from Instagram on the new Chrome tab. You can also customize the image with the help of your Instagram feed, by hashtag or username.


You must have very familiar about grouping by hashtags, why don’t you go with the group by boards? Hashboard is something which can gather limitless boards by adding tools and the hashtags which will help you to get right images for you.


Activity Walls

Do you want to have a look on the posting of Instagram and Twitter about some event? You can use this tool to via hashtag to stream the event. The best thing is that the setup will not take more than a minute.

pick your hashtag


This is the collection of the best videos and photos that too from the best photographers.


This web app will allow you to get the Instagram photos from your city or around the world. You are just required to type the name of the place which you want to discover and this app will give you the latest photos of that area.



This is among one of the favorite Instagram viewer which is having a good interface, it is like Pinterest. One can discover the categories of the photos by using #tag or @user.

Morning Pics

Morning Pics shares a random fresh image every day at 7 am from Instagram, on a local time through email.


This app is the official app for iOS which will help you to make beautiful time-lapse videos. This app is also known for its in-house stabilization.



This is another official Instagram application which will allow you to remix your photos in a personalized layout.


It is a Mobile app through which you can make attractive images on Instagram. This app is having prebuild backgrounds and templates. It is available for Android and iOS.

 No Crop

This is an iOS which permits you to post the images in the actual size to Instagram.


This is a tool where you are not required to crop the photos; you can post the photos in full size on Instagram without losing the actual quality.


Are you looking for the best way to post a panorama image to Instagram? By taking the help of Instapan, you can convert your panorama pictures into a video so that you cannot miss anything for your fans.


It is also known as Instagram viewer which allows you to share and add the links on the post related to Instagram. This will change URLs of the post to links and not only this you can also convert hashtags, according to your wish.



Here is the Android and iOS to share the photos for your followers. By just adding the name of the owner’s username you can also get the credits for the original pictures.


This is another app for Android and iOS for scheduling and planning the Instagram releases. This app will inform you the time to post your pictures.


You can schedule your post with the help of Takeoff, not only this you can also calculate the perfect time to optimize comments and likes for your pictures. It is easily available on Android and iOS.


Now you can manage the number of your followers on Instagram, apart from this you can also track your competitors by taking the help of this app. It is easily available on Android and iOS.



Now you can gain number of followers on Instagram by taking the help of Instagress which will do the activities like follow, comment, unfollow and so on. It is free for starting three days so, don’t wait and get it for trial.


Now you can get analytics of the account of your Instagram like most viewed pictures, average number of likes or comments, growth everything will be displayed on the chart.

Print Studio

Are you looking for the best way to keepsakes your Instagram pictures? It is available at the very affordable range. You can print out your photos into wearable goods, photo books, magnets, framed prints and greeting cards.

Plaid Print

Now you can make mosaics from your Instagram pictures. You just need to select the main photo and the mosaic will create automatically.

Use any of these tools and make your social media experience more dynamic, fun filled and effective. It is time to use best tools to get best result.


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