Do you know that almost 31% of WordPress users access WordPress using iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch and iPhone? But one of the biggest concerns of working on your WordPress with an iPad is writing blogs. Earlier it was a task to upload images and write complex blog posts on an iPad. One really needs a Mac to open several windows to complete the task. But thankfully now iPad has the necessary features to run a WordPress blog.

There are some features that you can easily do on an iPad and iPhone, but some features are tough to handle on iPad. Stuff like updating the WordPress is really easy and can be done right from the browser. But some work like adding or editing texts or logos to your blog posts or site is a hard task. But if you use an iPhone and iPad and don’t have any other option, go through the article to get tips on how to manage WordPress from iPhone and iPad.

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How to manage your WordPress blog on an iPhone and iPad?

There are different ways through which you can do different tasks on an iPad. Some might need plugins or apps to download. Others can be done easily.

Use HTML editor to edit your posts

wordpress on iPad

When your blog post has pictures in it, it is really hard to scroll up and down the screen as it makes it all jumpy. The best option is to work in the HTML mode and scroll through the text only. It brings the menu bar downwards and you can adjust it so. To remove the menu bar, simply go to a different page and it will be gone.

Add photos through a different source

If you have the habit of uploading photos in real time when you are working on your post, WordPress app will work the best for you. It makes it less or almost lag free and less jumpy. But if you are working with the browser, it will be best to upload all the photos to your library first, and then insert them into your blog post. In this way, the photos are already added to your gallery and you don’t have to upload images every single time.

Writing blog posts

Writing Kit helps you to write and research at the same time. It is designed to work like that. An extra keyboard row is added to the panel for images, links and formatting. It can sync with Dropbox, and the things copied to clipboard can be pasted anywhere. It has a cool feature known as quick search which lets you search facts and figures. In a nutshell, this app has everything that you need to do on your blog posts when working on an iPad.

Add photos or videos through Blogsy app

Blogsy is one of the few mind blowing apps that let you do all the work in one app. It has one side which is text only and another side is HTML side. The main focus is on the media. It allows you to drag the media from anywhere and insert it in the blog post. You can drag the media from anywhere such as google images, any website and even YouTube. Also, it allows you to position the media as per your choice and preferred concern. The only drawback is the issue with media size. You have no control over what size of media is uploaded to your website.

Photogene for Photo resizing

This plugin lets you resize all your photos just before uploading them to your website. Also, Photogene has the features of converting PNG to any other format and lets you crop the photos before uploading.

Organizing your emails and feeds

Mr Reader is an RSS reader and organiser of emails. It is really fast and lets you manage all your feeds and subscribe to various other feeds. You can directly send your articles to this site and it will not misplace a thing.

OmniFocus is a hub of gathered stories. If you like a story or article, you can send it to OmniFocus and will get saved. Later on, open it to find everything you saved. It creates a library of posts you want to see or topics you want to write about later on.


When you get the hang of writing on an iPad, you will see it is same as using a Mac. Above are listed the WordPress iPad app and plugins to work with on your iPad. There are other platforms too which let you do the work if you are looking for an alternative. Apple always tries to bring about changes in iOS. These are some of the decent workarounds to try out with your iPad for blogging purpose. Give them a try and let us know what you think about them!