With the rapidly increasing demand for iPhone’s, awareness about ‘how to use it’ should be increased. iPhone has been able to earn its goodwill in the market over the years and has been able to keep up it quite efficiently whether it’s with reference to its features or the brand value generally regarded as ‘the most classic phone’ among all the other mobile phone brands. Almost everybody wants to have an iPhone and flaunt it everywhere they go. It is regarded as the style statement or the status symbol. But all in all, its PR has been in the increasing trend for so many years no matter what factors are leading it to such high public demand.

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Taking screenshots on iPhone is so common that almost half of the phone’s gallery is occupied with the screenshots. Most of the stuff in the screen shots’ folder is something you don’t even have a valid justification for. But who cares? It’s your phone. You can keep what you want. Screenshots On iPhone is also available along with various other amazing features. Screenshots are integral tool in development of application and you might need iPhone app screenshots in many situations. Just for the guidance to the people who have recently bought a brand new iPhone and aren’t quite familiar with its functions, particularly ‘how to capture screenshots on iPhone’, the following information will definitely be of some help.

Method 1:  Using the sleep/wake button

You can easily take a screenshot on your iPhone of whatever you’re doing at any time. It’s very convenient. You just have to press the sleep/wake button or the Home button for a moment and then release it instantly. As a result, the screen will flash for a moment to highlight the action by producing a camera shutter sound. This is sign that the screenshot has been saved to your camera roll. And you can use this saved screenshot easily when you want even after 20 years (if you don’t delete it somehow.)  So this is one effective method to save and keep record of some important things. Some important chats maybe, which you might need as a proof in the near future or screenshots of high scores you have attained in a game. You will definitely need a screenshot of it to flaunt it to your friend.

Method 2:  Using the third party screenshot app/ screenshot frame-maker


Frame maker is an exclusive facility that works amazingly well on iPhone devices. It is equally capable of providing the facility of take screenshot on iPad or iPhone as the method 1. To use this, first of all search for the screenshot-frame maker in your App store and install it to your iPhone. The next step is to run this application and navigate it to the relevant screen you want to take a screenshot of. Then press the ‘home’ button or the ‘power’ button to capture the screenshot of whatever is present on the screen at that particular time. After taking the screenshot through this utility, you can copy the screenshot and paste it to the pasteboard or simply save the screenshot.

The exclusive feature of this utility is that after taking screenshot by using this utility, you can also upload it to the Dropbox, and even sharing it to any social networking site like Facebook and Twitter.

Method 3:  Using the accessibility option in the general settings

In case your home button stops functioning properly, there is another method by which you can take a screenshot on your iPhone. Simply turn on the accessibility option in the general settings of your phone. This will allow a floating button on your screen which can be moved here and there. When not in use for some time it will fade away (exactly in the same way as the screen saver) but it doesn’t mean it is lost permanently. It still is there. If you want to touch something on your screen, move the floating button to the relevant place, by dragging the floating button you can move that ‘something’ out of way.


To capture a screenshot on iPhone, using this utility, you have to follow a series of steps. First of all, turn on the floating button. Touching the floating button that appears on your screen will open the first dialog box; touch the ‘device’ icon on the dark screen that appears. This will enable the required task.

Method 4: Touching a picture

You have opened your safari browser or Google chrome or any other browser and want to have an image saved to your phone. You can simply hold the image for a moment; a dialog box appears showing three options ‘save’ ‘copy’ and ‘Cancel.’ Simply copy or save the image. Technically speaking, this is not screenshot but still that’s one way you can keep that image and not the whole webpage.