We all have face a situation where we want to take a perfect click of our favorite sports star awesome shot that we have waited for whole match or a selfie in a crowded place and when we check it out we end up with blur image or failed when tried to capture a perfectly happy moment on a family trip and now it’s time to bye to those days. Now we can capture any moment with a perfect shot, for this, we don’t need any costly cameras but with just a simple technique using your iPhone or iPad and this technique is called BURST MODE (Continues picture taking mode). If you have an iOS device it may be an iPhone or tab just follow the below process to get that perfect.

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To get those perfect click on your IOS device follows the process. Open your camera on your IOS device with a simple touch on your camera icon placed on your home screen, And now make sure to place your camera focus on the pic it is going to flash till now it is just a basic process as we all know. Now moving to the main step make sure the camera has all the adequate filters that you need and set the camera options to PHOTOS and next move place your finger on capture button without lifting it up until your whole movement is finished and then a text shows up at top of right corner like BURST (** Photos) this shows how many photos you have taken . The feature of this BURST MODE is it takes pictures for every half a second which makes it different from all other options and helps us to capture every single moment without missing anything you will also get an option where we can select the only few pictures we need and trash the other one if you need by clicking on the BURST (** photos) option. For clear view check down pictures below.



 Open your camera


Continuously place your finger on capture button until the moment finishes to take pictures in this mode.

Here there is another way to capture photos on BURST mode that is simply pressing the volume buttons(either up or down button)  continuously after opening the camera on your device.

How do you see burst photos on iPhone or iPad

And now it shows


How to view burst photos on iPhone, and when we open gallery it shows out like

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Thank you for reading this. Hope this is useful.