Here we are going to discuss about how to sync photos from computer to iPhone using iTunes. It will show the error when you’re using iTunes and trying to sync photos between your Apple iPhone or iPad and your computer; you will receive the error it may be:

The iPhone Name’s Phone cannot be synced. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation.

You will need to delete the iPod Photo Cache file on your computer to solve these problems.

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Step 1:

Open the folder where photos has been saved. This is usually under the Pictures selection in My Computer or File Explorer. If you are not sure of the location, connect your device and open iTunes, select your device, then select Summery>Photos.

Step 2:

Delete the iPod Photo Cache folder.

                                                                                                               Mac OS X:

Step 1:

Get in to your Pictures folder.

Step 2:

On your keyboard press and hold down the Control key, And click the iPhoto Library file, then select Show Package Contents.

Step 3:

Place or find the iPod Photo Cache folder and delete that file.

Now try to use through the sync process, I hope the above steps are enough for who wants to know, how to sync iPhone to computer, Still you have any doubts please comments us.