It is very simple and easiest to copy music files library from your Apple iTunes to many computers by using or enabling the home sharing features. Let us discuss how could have been transfer or sync music files using iTunes home sharing.


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Step 1:

Click the Menu bar.

Step 2:

Select FileHome SharingTurn On Home Sharing.

Step 3:

Enter the user name and password in the Apple store credentials.

Step 4:

Repeat the above 1 to 3 steps to transfer the music files between other computers. And make sure that all computers are connected in same network.

Step 5:

Select Edit and the click preferences.

Step 6:

Click Sharing tab.

Step 7:

And check your library on your local network to share the music files to the entire library. And you like to Share only limits songs that can done by using the Share Selected playlists and it required the password for accessing the library. It will allow plays counts and it has been updated on through sharing usage.

Step 8:

On the iTunes at upper left corner a home icon will be located and that allow you view the music from other computer to your home network. And you can share the music files to entire system just drag it left and it will appear on the sidebar.

I hope this tutorial help you to copy or sync iTunes music to computer using iTunes library, If you still have any doubts on how to do this, then comment below.