If you make an effort to sync your iPod to multiple computer there is an issue because it starts letting you know that you will be already synced to another computer. In addition, it finds losing data since it is on a different computer. You can still sync your iPod to several computers the important thing is never to sync it. So connect your iPod to your computer and iTunes will start so you will find your iPod shown as connected. In iTunes there’ll be several tabs. Within the summary tab you can by hand load music for the iPod. Check out how to manually sync ipod and manage music and video. Once you have performed that click music within the library place and after that drag the music which you would like to add to the iPod for the music part of your iPod. It’s also possible to manually sync other kinds of data at the same time from the calendar and contacts along with the other locations of iTunes. In case you have plenty of music on various computers so you don’t know what is actually new and what’s older just pull all the music to your iPod and iTunes will manage including the new things with no adding duplicates. You can even get your entire pc’s to share contact info and calendar info having a application to make sure that the data is on your entire computer systems and after that it does not matter which sync ipod with new computer to. So you’re able to sync your iPod to many computers it simply requires extra work.

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