If you can easily copy or transfer the music files from iTunes to Barnes and Noble Nook. iTunes does not detect or consider the Nook as a device and it is listed with in the software like an iPod. Here i  wish to share some useful points to copy music files from iTunes to Nook.

Nook Tablet

Step 1:

By using the USB cable connect computer and Nook.

Step 2:

In computer the nook has been installed as removable disk drive and it is under my computer or computer for window user.

Step 3:

Just open your iTunes.

Step 4:

The files are represented on your Nook or Removable disk, and my music folder is available on the Nook or removable disc. And directly drag and drop the music files from iTunes to my music folder in Nook.

Step 5:

And properly eject your Nook from your computer once you have copied the music files.

I hope above steps will useful to you for transfer iTunes music to nook.