iCloud is an innovative support from The apple company that allows you to back-up and store details from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad on the internet. Before iCloud, you were out of fortune if you required to transfer data from a pc to one of your gadgets but weren’t actually near your PC or Mac. Now, you can make a change to the information’s saved on the iCloud web servers and instantly force those changes through to your compatible device. All you need is a standard Web browser and your apple customer ID and security password.


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Step 1

Open whatever Web browser you use regularly and look at the iCloud website. Click “Sign In” to log into your iCloud account (if required). If you’ve ever signed into your iCloud account from the computer you’re currently using, your browser should remember your credentials and instantly load your iCloud account cpanel. Note that you will have to give both your Apple customer ID and security password to log into your account.

Step 2

Locate the “Contacts” app symbol in the primary iCloud control panel. The “Contacts” application is straight between the “Mail” and “Calendar” apps. The icons for these apps are similar to the icons found on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Just click “Contacts” to do. An exclusive representation of your contacts will appear on display.

Step 3

Click the “+” key in the lower right area of the display to fill a new empty contact screen.

Step 4

Fill out the boxes on display with the information associated with your new contact. You can complete a person’s first name, last name and the company they work for. You can consist of a work phone, work e-mail address with, home phone and home e-mail address with using the properly labeled boxes. An area is also included for any website that particular person may have.

Click the option labeled “Add Photo” to assign a picture to that particular contact (if necessary). When you’re completed, just click “Done” to come back to the past window. The contact with you just added will now be a part of the general “Contacts” display in your iCloud control panel.

Step 5

The contact details you just added to your iCloud account should instantly appear on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad via the “Contacts” application. If it doesn’t, synchronize your device to your iCloud account using the “Settings” app. Start the “Settings” app and choose the “iCloud” menu choice. Tap “Sync” to synchronize all information between your device and your account.

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