How to Switch Between Grid View to List View on Apple Watch

When Apple watch (iWatch) got into the market, everything about it seemed perfect. The touch-pad, its various addicting features, and obviously the way it looked; not only just the outside of it, the inside too. The honeycomb arrangement of apps (generally called the grid-view) appeared too fascinating to ever outgrow the eyes of its users.

How to Switch Between Grid View to List View on Apple Watch

But, as time passed, the lack of further customization of this ‘honeycomb’ view got the better of people and demands grew. Soon enough, Apple realized that changes had to be made to get rid of the monotony. Hence, with the arrival of watchOS 4, list-view was introduced.

How to Switch Between Grid View to List View on Apple Watch

So, let’s find out how you can customize the inside view of your iWatch.

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How to switch between grid-view and list-view in iWatch

It can be done with few simple steps. Let’s get started.

  • Press the digital crown button that’s present on the face of your apple watch to turn on the display and get to the home screen.How to Switch Between Grid View to List View on Apple Watch
  • When the home screen is on, firmly press the display of your watch until a menu appears, also called the hidden menu.
  • This menu allows you to toggle between two layout modes: list-view and grid-view.
  • Tap on list-view to change the default app layout that is the grid-view.

How to Switch Between Grid View to List View on Apple Watch

  • Similarly, if you want to get back to the honeycomb view, follow the above steps and this time, tap on grid-view instead. iWatch itself adapts to your chosen view, without much effort on your part.

Bingo! Now you know how to switch between different layouts. But, what is the difference between the two? Which one is better and why?

Please note: You cannot change the view using Watch app on your apple device, it can only be done manually!

How is list-view different from grid-view?


All the apps in list-view are arranged alphabetically i.e. from A-Z. For scrolling, through the list of apps, you can use the digital crown present at the edge of your iWatch. It is believed to be easy to use in comparison to the grid-view because of its alphabetical sorting.
The list has rows which have app icon and app name displayed on each one of them as shown below. The rows at the top and bottom of the screen scale down to prioritize apps in the center.

How to Switch Between Grid View to List View on Apple Watch



Displaying most of the apps all at one glance is what makes the grid-view(honeycomb-view) attractive and more accessible. You don’t have to scroll down or anything, every app on your watch is right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is tap the icon of the app you want to run and tada! Swish. Secondly, you can change the arrangement of apps based on your whims, that too using the Watch app on your iPhone/iPad.

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Although it may seem that list type layout enhances the usability of the iWatch, that is not quite the case. Yes, all the apps are arranged in a particular way, but it’s sort of harder to scroll all the way down to the app of your choice using the digital crown. Would you like it if you have to go through all the apps you don’t even use often, to reach out to the app you’re looking for? I wouldn’t. It’s time Apple added an arrangement feature in the list-view as well, to make things all the easier and handy for its users.

Yet, without denial, the list-view comes as an advantage for people who like to have things in order and keep everything systematic, which stands as a contrast to the chaotic app layout in the grid view.