What is StumbleUpon ?

StumbleUpon is a popular social network that help you to easily discover new and interesting stuff on the Web. You can discover amazing web pages, videos, photos and more based on your interests. As you stumble through different sites you have an option to like or dislike the content which you are viewing, as you do this it will save it analyses. So the more you stumble it will show you more of what’s best for you.

It’s really a great site to find interesting stuff on the Web and top StumbleUpon sites that you wouldn’t have found on your own.


Why submit your page to StumbleUpon ?

As you submit your content on StumbleUpon you can categorize it on different tags available in it so when someone who is interested in you niche press the stumble button they will land to your page and if they like it they’ll subscribe you and may become a loyal visitor of your website or blog.

StumbleUpon directoryhas more than 1 billion stumbles per month. That is you’ll get good amount of traffic to your contents for free (according to the niche).

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How to submit your contents to StumbleUpon ?

All you have to do is going to StumbleUpon.com(open), sign in or sign-up StumbleUpon if you don’t have an account. Once you reach the home page click on the small arrow button near your user name at the top right corner . There you can see an option to Add a Page click on that and submit your content.

And if you are having Facebook or twitter account you can use su.pr by StumbleUpon (open) to submit your contents.