So, we all might have been through times when our USB slots on our laptops just stop working suddenly. It leaves us wondering many times cause it gets fixed automatically when the USB device is activated again. This happens because windows suspend some USB devices to save power. Well, we all know that manufacturers go through a lot of things to extend battery life. This is one of the features that make the software give you the best out of the available juice. If you disable this feature, Your USB devices will use more power and drain out the battery. But if this feature is troubling you, it might be a good idea to disable it.

The setting is a part of Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is a part of power plan option found in control panel. Hence, you can easily change it from the control panel’s power plan window.

How to Stop Windows From Turning Off Your USB Devices

step 1

Open control panel->go to hardware and sounds->power options and find these settings

How to Stop Windows from Turning Off USB Devices

Click on “Change plan Settings” which you will easily find to the right of the power plan you’re using. The default plan is the Balanced plan, you wouldn’t probably need to change it though. But still, change it according to your need and issues you are facing.

How to Stop Windows from Turning Off USB Devices

step 2

You will find a “Change advanced power settings” Option, Click on it.

How to Stop Windows from Turning Off USB Devices

Scroll down a bit in the list of advanced power settings and try to find the “USB settings” option. The section expands to give you more options, set “USB selective suspend setting” and disable it.

How to Stop Windows from Turning Off USB Devices

lastly, click OK to save the changes you have made. Wola! From now on, you USB devices won’t be shut down automatically.

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Well, if you are wondering if this change is permanent then let me tell you it is not. You can change the settings any time back to default settings.