How To Stop or Kill Android Apps From Running In The Background - Increase Battery Life

It is common among Android users to experience slow responses and a slight sluggishness over time. Along with this android users also experience that their phone doesn’t give the same Battery Life as it used to when it was all shiny and new. For example : You will notice yourself looking for a charger by 3 pm when once you could go to bed without charging your phone the day. These problems can make using an Android phone a bit frustrating. But worry not, there a few things you can do to get back control of your device, and one of the easiest things is to stop the rogue apps from sucking your system’s resources in the background.

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How To Stop / Kill Android Apps From Running In The Background

What Apps Should You Disable Or Uninstall ?

The first step in getting back control of your android device will be to find the culprit apps. Know thine Enemy. The best way to find these rogue apps is to dig around and use the monitoring tools built into Android. By dig around we mean get info on which apps have consumed more battery and RAM than they should. The following tools should help you with gaining that information :

Check Battery Use

If you are only interested in knowing which apps are hogging juice go to Settings > Battery. You’ll get an overview of what apps have drained your battery the most since your last full charge.

Check RAM Use

If you’re looking for more information than just battery usage like how much processing power (RAM) each app uses or which apps are always running and a log of it then you might want to turn on Developer Options.

There is no “Unlock Developer Options” hidden somewhere in the settings menu. And also it is no secret how to enable Developer Options on Android. What You’ll need to do is open Settings scroll all way down to About Phone and find Build Number Start Tapping on Build Number continuously. Seven or so times to be exact. You won’t get any response but once you have tapped enough times you’ll get a notification telling you that Developer options have been unlocked (You are now a Developer!) once you’re done and you can stop tapping.

How To Stop / Kill Android Apps From Running In The Background : Increase Battery Life

Now hit back and click on Developer Options right above About Phone. Developer Options will give you a new set of toys to play with. But be careful messing around unless you know what you’re doing.

How To Stop / Kill Android Apps From Running In The Background : Increase Battery Life

The next thing you need to look for is a setting called Processes or Process Stats under Developer Options. The option will get you a list of apps/running processes showing how much RAM each is using. Clicking on a specific app will show a lot more technical information.

 Which Apps to Kill/Stop and How ?

So now that you know which apps have drained your battery,the next step would be to stop them from running in the background. But wait, which apps do you stop and which ones you don’t so that your phone doesn’t crash? Okay you might be inclined to stop apps that are using the most of your RAM but the app marked ‘Google Services‘, or pretty much any app that starts with ‘Google’ shouldn’t be manually stopped. These apps are important for your device’s everyday functionality. The Apps that you need to shut are Games,Music Players or Messengers. These apps often run in the background and drain your battery.

There a few ways you can stop apps from running in the background.

  • The easiest and first way would be to swipe the app from the Recent Apps menu.
  • To Force Stop an app manually,go to Settings > Applications > Application manager and select the app you want to stop.
  • Further to stop an app manually via the processes list, go to Settings > Developer Options > Processes and click on the app you want to stop and press the Stop button.

Unfortunately, the apps that you shut down might keep springing back and suck up the battery again. If this happens every time you launch the app,you might wanna consider Uninstalling it. To uninstall an app simply head on to Settings > Applications > Application manager and select the app you want to Uninstall. Most of the times it’s the pre-installed bloatware apps that are the culprits. You can’t uninstall them without rooting your device first. However, you can Disable them. The app will stay on your phone, but won’t cause any  more trouble.

Third Party Apps

If you don’t want to go through all this hassle you might wanna get some outside help. Although there is always a debate on whether task killer apps do more harm than good in terms of processing and battery life. A task killer repeatedly force-closes apps in the background over and over and is almost certainly going to drain your battery more as it continues the ‘restart and kill’ process. However, many people think you can get greater control over your Android by rooting it.

How To Stop / Kill Android Apps From Running In The Background : Increase Battery Life

Greenify is a lightweight app that best works on a rooted android device. Nonetheless it does work for non-rooted devices too. Greenify automatically force-closes third-party apps when you’re not using them. The way greenify puts it is that the apps are put under Hibernation when not in use. Rooted users get the functionality of Automated hibernation.  While non-rooted users can add a little greenify widget on their home screen and hibernate apps via a single click. We recommend rooting your device if you wish to have full control over it.

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Let us know what do think about task killer applications, are they any good? And what apps would you recommend to Shut down from running in the background? Also Let us know what tricks do you use to have a long battery life in the comments below.