How to Stop iCloud Spam Calendar Invites on your Mac, iPhone or iPad

Most of the iOS and Mac users have come across a new type of spam invites, i.e. “iCloud calendar spam”. These type of invitations usually contains list of some products to buy or cheap deals to buy sunglasses etc.How to Stop iCloud Spam Calendar Invites on your Mac, iPhone or iPad

These invitations are generally very irritating also, every time an invitation pops up as a notification on your phone or tablet. Although Apple has come with a feature to report the spam invites, but for every spam you can’t report, the better alternative is to get rid of this invites. So if you are one of those who has these type of frequent invites, do try the below mentioned steps to get away from these spams.

Usually only three buttons are present – Accept, May be and Decline, for replying any invitation. But using any of the three buttons lets the spammer to know that a particular account is active, and you are monitoring the notifications. This will lead to more spam calendar invites. Now to get out of this situation you can try out the below method, although this method is not the best one but for sure it will help you out of the calendar spam invites.

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How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam Invites

Method 1:  Deleting calendar spam invites without declining :

  • Create a new calendar in the calendar app, name it junk, spam ,etc.
  • Select the spam event and move it to your event.
  • Now delete the new calendar.How to Stop iCloud Spam Calendar Invites on your Mac, iPhone or iPad
  • Press edit button, hit “i” on right side and delete the calendar from the bottom.
  • Make sure to choose “Delete and don’t notify” at the pop-up, since you don’t want the spam sender to notify that your email address is active.
  • Repeat the above steps for any future spam calendar invitations. Without responding to any of the spam invites you can delete the invitations with this method, and the spammer will not get notified too.

The second method is to disable the auto-add calendar feature from your iCloud account. All the future invites will now come in an email from which you can accept or ignore it. Accepting n invite would add that invite into the calendar, while ignoring won’t add it.

Method 2: Stop calendar spam notification with iCloud :

  • Login into
  • Click on Calendar
  • Move to settings in the lower left of the screen
  • Select “preference” from the menu, then select the “advanced” tab
  • Under the invitation section select the “Email to” option instead of “In-app notification”. This options not allows the calendar invitation to automatically add to the calendar
  • Click Save

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Calendar notifications are generally useful for managing your events, but now it is increasingly being used by spammers offering cheap deals and products list. Reporting this type of calendar spam invites is a must. This will help Apple to deal with spam invites more fast. In the recent updates Apple has now made a new way to mark calendar invitation as spam in iCloud. To do this just log in to your iCloud account , double- click on any spam invitation and then select “report junk”.  So try these above methods if you are caught in any spam invites and enjoy a spam free account!!.