Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers now available on the market. However, an error that many users have complained about is the SSL Connection Error (ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR) , and today I will be teaching you how to fix it. In this article, you will find everything you’ll need to know to tackle this error, from what exactly an SSL is, to what the error is telling you, and all the solutions you should try. You’ll find that this is a relatively easy process to correct. So, if you’d like to learn more, stay here.


What is an SSL?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a standard piece of security technology used in every browser, not just Google Chrome. It establishes an encrypted link between you and the server, which you can think of as usually a website. You may not have heard of this term, but I’m sure you’ve noticed it. Above is a screenshot from my browser on Google Chrome in the top left-hand corner of the address bar. That lock symbol is a universal symbol used on every web browser anytime you visit a site where you have personal information, like PayPal or Facebook.


As you can tell from the screenshot of this error message, SSL connection error tells you that you are unable to make a secure connection with the server. That’s somewhat helpful as it’s at least telling you what the issue is, but what frustrates a lot of people is that they have no idea what exactly is causing this to happen.

There are many possibilities for what is causing this error. Here are some of the most popular:

  • If the SSL certificate is untrusted.
  • If you are behind a firewall.
  • If the page has both secure and non-secure items.
  • If there is a culprit antivirus which is scanning encrypted connections.

There’s really no way of knowing exactly what is causing this error until you start trying out the various solution techniques, so let’s get into how to fix ssl connection error now.

How To Fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error On Google Chrome

Here are all the best solutions that you should try to fix this error (ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR). You should do them in order as I strategically organized them based on effectiveness, the time they take, and difficulty. After trying each solution completely quit and close the Chrome web browser open it back up, and then try to use the exact dame web page that you were trying to before. If the issue still persists, then just move onto the next solution and repeat this process until the error is fixed. With all that being said, let’s just get into these solutions so you can be on your way towards fixing this.

METHOD 1 : Using Default Chrome Browser Options

  1. Right click on the shortcut file of Chrome icon and choose Properties.
  2. There you will find slot named as “Target”. Just replace he target field with “Application /chrome.exe-ignore-certificate-errors-“
  3. Click on the Apply and save it.

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METHOD 2 : By Changing Date and Time

If your computer mismatches with your browser SSL certificates then the only way to changing the time. Just change the time and relaunch your chrome. That’s it!

METHOD 3 : By Changing the settings of Antivirus

  1. Just open your Anti-virus settings and go to Networks section.
  2. Now just uncheck the Scan Encrypted settings.
  3. Then click the Apply and follows by OK.
  4. Relaunch your Chrome, that’s it!

METHOD 4 : By Changing the settings of Chrome

  1. Make sure you enter “https” instead for “http” or vice-versa.
  2. Change the SSL settings by navigating customize and Control >> Settings >> Advanced Settings.
  3. Then look for Network and choose “Change Proxy Settings”.
  4. Under Security tab settings, tweak “Security Level Zone” and “Internet Zone” to medium. Follow the same thing for Privacy settings too.
  5. Again jump to Content >> Clear SSL State and restart your browser.

Hope you fixed it without having any issues!

How to Overcome SSL Connection Error in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Run your Firefox and type “about:config” in the URL box and press Enter.
  2. Now you will be shown with a message “This might void your warranty!”. Then choose ” I’ll be careful, I promise! “
  3. Then enter “browser.ssl_override_behavior” in filter bar. Just double click the value in a “Preference Name” and type the value within 2 to 1.
  4. Then click the Ok and relaunch your firefox browser.

How to Get Rid of the SSL Connection Error in Opera?

If you are using Opera browser and want to fix SSL connection issue then you can follow the below step to fix the issue permanently.
Jump to Preference >> Advance >> Security >> Security Protocol and just un-check the box after the TLS 1.1. That’s it.

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