For all the iPhone users out there who are not particularly happy with your phone’s performance, at least speed-wise, here are some simple steps that might just Speed Up your iOS Device to make your device work faster!

If you are faced with the dawdling problems of a sluggish interface and your apps take forever to load, and sometimes, even cause your phone to hang [or worse, crash – repeatedly!] then here is how you can avoid all the melodrama.


Is your iPhone up-to-date with the latest software available on the market? If the answer is a yes, then too bad –there is something very wrong with your phone. If the answer is a No then please do yourself and your phone a favor and get the OS updated.

To do this all you have to do is go to the nearest iStore and they will hold your phone captive for a few days, take some lowly amount as ransom, and give you back your phone- brand new, and with the newest OS features installed in to it.

Shut down extra applications!

Shut down extra applications

Sometimes, you have a lot of applications open on your phone that you are not using. This is harmful to phone work speed! Please shut down those extra applications and hey, you’ll visibly see your phone working faster.

Re-allocate memory!

C’mon people. You live in the 21st century. It’s time you got a brand new SD card, isn’t it? All your apps and all your data WILL NOT fit into your phone memory. Invest in a new memory card!

Once you have bought the little awesome micro-chip, insert it into the slot and you’re good to go!


Battery Doctor!

Memory Boost

This is an app that is mainly used to re-allocate memory on an iPhone. Download it. Use it.

If you think that you are using a lot of memory on your phone, go to this app, open it and click on “Boost”. The app will re-allocate memory and thus, speed up the performance of your phone.

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 Restart your phone!

Just restart your phone. This might just help sometimes. You can even shut down your phone completely and switch it back on again. That might do the trick too!

Restarting your phone basically clears of the RAM on your phone and the RAM is all but a clean-slate. Thus, the phone functions faster.

Delete random apps.

Your iPhone comes with a lot of inbuilt applications. If you are not using them, delete them. Also remember, you DO NOT need to keep up with ALL the latest fads. Just keeping up with some will suffice. Only install those apps on your phone which you will actually use. And please, promptly sound a death sentence for the rest!

 No Cookies Ma!

Clear History and Data

It might be a good idea to clear your search history occasionally. This makes sure that all the cookies that were before taking up space in your phone’s memory get deleted. This will help your phone function faster and better.

Go on a killing spree!

Settings Itunes & app store

Just like your action figure in Assassins Creed 3, go gaga and kill all the automatic background processes. All those automated features that say they help in keeping your iPhone running faster on your iOS software? Kill them!

Go to your settings and say NO. Turn off all the Automatic Downloads. Do the same for Background App Refresh.

General Background app refresh

Go blind!

Reduce Motion

Say no to all the new graphics. Turn it down a notch, will you? You’re overworking your phone way too much! All the new-fangled visual effects that your new OS came with? TURN THEM OFF.

Accessibility Increase Contrast

Visit Accessibility and Reduce Motion. Increase Contrast while you’re at it too! Both of these increase your battery life and make your phone work faster.


Clean up that inbox!

You might be an avid texter, which basically means that your inbox is full of messages that you need to never read again. Delete them!

You might also have a phone service provider who loves to harass you with a million promotional texts every day! Just delete those too!


Be an elitist!

Your iTunes library is for all your songs. Your phone on the other hand will most definitely crash will the burden of all that personal data. Delete songs and videos and pictures that you think is unnecessary! DO NOT BE A HOARDER.

Reset and Restore


If restarting your phone did not do the trick, maybe this will. RESET YOUR PHONE. Now, here’s hoping you took a backup before you went ahead and reset your phone. Restore your data. Maybe now, your iPhone will work faster.

 Go back to the start!

The most drastic step you can take is here. And I’m sorry if you have to do this. RESTORE YOUR PHONE TO ITS FACTORY SETTINGS!

You might stand to lose all personal data –contacts, etc. But trust me, it should be worth it. Now, if your phone still does not work fast, please throw it in the dumpster and opt for a new one.