How to Speed Up Android Phone With Ease

Many of us are often faced with the dreadful problem of an Android phone which works pretty slowly. It might even hang occasionally giving us mini heart-attacks. So what do you do to Speed Up Android Phone and make work faster?

Unwanted Android apps

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  1. Acquaint yourself.

Befriend your Android phone. Get to know all its secrets! Before, you go about changing settings and deleting widgets, it is crucial, that you know everything there is to know about your phone – what is important, what is not! Battery settings, capabilities, functions – everything is included!

Android Booster

  1. Get the newest firmware!

In case, your Android phone is running on older versions of the OS (i.e., operating system), please update it to the newest version! Get the latest firmware! This is really important. If you cannot do this yourself, take your Android phone to the Mobile Store or any other retail store and the people there will do it for you. In order to do this, you might have to live without your phone for a day or two, but it will be worth it!

Updation Center

  1. Get rid of the nuisances!

If you have any app installed on your phone that you do not use, get rid of it! All apps take up memory and storage space. The more the memory and storage space on your phone gets occupied, the lesser free memory there is! This makes your phone run slower. So uninstall and delete all apps that you do not use.

Apps Running

  1. Disable

An Android phone comes with a plethora of apps already previously installed. If you think you do not use a certain app that was pre-installed, and you do not know whether you should uninstall and delete it, simply look for the “Disable App” option on your phone. This option can be found on the settings page when you visit a certain application.

In case you actually need the app to make sure your phone is running smoothly, you always have the option of enabling the app later.

Speed up your Android Device

  1. Ask for expert advice.

If you are still unsure whether to disable or uninstall an app, just go down to your nearest retailer or customer service store. Ask for help! Take their advice.

  1. Update your phone.

Google Play comes up with brand new options of updating the applications that already exist on your Android phone. It might be a good idea to update regularly your apps to ensure their best possible performance. This will also ensure that your phone hangs or crashes lesser.

My Apps

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  1. Get a memory card.

External memory cards are always a good idea. Phones with low internal memory could always use that extra number of GBs that an external memory card provides. Get one!

  1. Get a new memory card.

Your current memory card may be pretty old. Even they have new versions. Get a new one! And make sure that this one is high-speed and can store more memory.

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  1. Delete Widgets

Every phone has widgets on it. Some are useful; some not so much. Since widgets are only to run once the user activates them and are pretty dormant otherwise, delete all widgets from your phone that you do not use. This will free up much phone memory space and help your phone run faster.


  1. Death to Live Wallpapers!

Many Android apps have live wallpapers. These are quite fun to look at and might adding that extra bit of zest to your phone. However, these are demons in disguise! They not only take up much memory space on your phone, but also make sure your battery gets drained faster.

Conclusion: Don’t use live wallpapers.

  1. You can’t Sync.

Android users must be really familiar with the sync feature that is provided to you on your phones which basically allows all your apps and email IDs etc. to be threaded together. Not a good idea.

Although sync is a great feature, it has certain drawbacks. It makes your phone work slower. Every time you are using one app, your others get automatically updated and more RAM is used. This makes your phone a slow-poke.

Sync Settings

  1. Live outside the animated zone.

Your phone has certain animations. If you do not know what these are, that is okay. You do not have to.

What you do have to do however, is get rid of these animations.

How do you do this? Go to Settings. And then open Developer Options. Here you will find something called Window Animation Scale.

Now, choose “Animation Off”.

The Transition Animation Scale can also be turned off similarly. Your phone is going to work much faster with all these animations turned off.

Animation off

Now you’ve been armed with a bounty/array of useful tips to speed Up android phone and maximize the battery backup. Use them and enjoy better phone performance!

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