Social websites have come a long way since the Friendster, so if you are avid socializer online then you probably know that limitless features are available in the greatest and latest social websites and tools. Some of them offer applications that help you extend their functionality while others have several friendly – user features you can use to spread or market your business online easily and faster than any other promotional ads can do.

Take note that using a chat in social networks for your business will give you the upper hand in whatever market you are in and you can start taking the advantages of these million dollar websites.

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What are the most popular social chat tools for marketers?

Social groups and networking, without a doubt have changed the world of making or earning massive income online. It is because you can market your niche or business to targeted or specific groups and introduce what you have to offer.

You do not have to spend too much money just doing traditional marketing or advertisement, so if you are not using social chat tools to market your business, then it is the right time to do so because they are just there waiting for you and using them easy.

1) Facebook

Everyone knows about the platform where you can easily find your targeted audience or specific groups and build your relationship with them. This is a free site, so you can use its friendly interface and features in growing your business. You can also create free Fan page and ads, which you can integrate in your profile, just like a separate identity.

2) Twitter

Twitter is the next one where you can view and read all the important tweets or updates. You can tweet your business promotional ads, and campaigns that everybody will know. You can build customer’s relationship by following them and get followers.

3) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site where professionals usually meet. You can build your connections, ask recommendation, send and receive important promotional campaigns without worrying about generating leads. It is because this platform will help you reach your targeted audience without getting the door slammed on your face.

4) YouTube

is a media platform that lets you upload, download, and share videos. You can use this media to brand your business and demonstrate you offered products and services.

5) ZinzzChat

is one of the best social chat tools that allows you to stay connected and in touch with your connections across the globe through call and chat features.

Why do you need these social chat tools?

You can engage people faster and directly. This allows you to communicate with your prospects and existing customers or clients without building or maintaining your own website, infrastructure, and secure chat. You will let your customers know the real you by supporting them support if necessary. Using these tools for communication can solve this matter in a snap.

You can even use the call and chat features to market, promote, and advertise your goods and services. You can also use these tools to build network with other business owners. As a result, using the social chat tools always make a big influence in generating leads!