We have all been in situations where we have run out of our mobile data and the moment demands us to get an internet connection. Be it for work; an important email you have to send or get in touch with your close ones as the situation requires. Or, you’re just bored at a party and don’t have enough data left to be able to scroll down Facebook/Instagram to pass your time. In the former situation, if you’re sitting in a café that has a Wi-Fi connection and the workers there know the wi-fi password, then luck is on your side by all means. But, in the latter, you just can’t go on asking the host of the party for the password because nothing can be ruder than that. So, what can you do?

Well, all the iPhone and iPad users with the latest iOS version (iOS 11), this article is for you. The latest Share-your-Wi-Fi-Password feature lets you share the password of the Wi-Fi you’re connected to with another iOS 11 user, even without knowing the password.
Let’s find out how actually you can do that.

Note: To know which version is your device running on, open the settings app, tap on General –> About. The number next to Version that is not in the brackets is what you’re looking for. If it starts with 11, then iOS 11 is installed on your phone.

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How Do I Share WiFi Passwords On An iPhone and iPad?

Fact: This feature is not just limited to iPhones and iPods. You can share your Wi-Fi passwords from your Mac with other Macs and iPhones as well. For Macs, the need is MacOS high sierra.

What actually happens in this feature?

With your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggled on, on your Apple device with latest OS, you just have to tap on someone’s already connected-device and that will automatically fill up the ‘Enter password’ field in no time. No manual typing of password required. Let’s get into a  step by step method of understanding this process.

  • Make sure your Bluetooth, as well as the Wi-Fi, is toggled on. [Open the settings app and tap on Wi-Fi. Toggle on the button in front of it.]

  • Select the network you want to connect to by tapping on it. This will lead to an ‘Enter Password’ screen.











  • Move closer to the iOS device which is already connected to that Wi-Fi network. Make sure it is unlocked.
  • If the two devices are close enough, the other device will get an alert from your device, as shown below.


  • Now, tap on ‘Send password’. This will instantly enter the password in ‘enter password’ field of your device. And, now, you can use the Wi-Fi as well, despite not knowing the Wi-Fi password.

Bingo! You’re connected to the internet.

Not just this, you can share the Wi-Fi password between Macs and iPhones/iPads. The required condition remains the same (MacOS high sierra for Mac and iOS 11 for iPhone/iPad). Let’s say you have to share the password from Mac, with iPhone. Follow the first two steps mentioned under the subheading what actually happens in this feature? Then hold your iPhone next to your unlocked Mac and an alert will pop-up on it, as below:

Click on share and now your iPhone has the credentials to use the internet.

That’s a wrap!

So, now you know what to do when you’re getting bored at a friend’s party. This feature is hands down, a savior. But, what a bummer that it is only compatible with the latest iOS version.

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How great would it be if all the iOS versions had such a feature? Let us know how you feel about it. And, if there are any doubts, the comment section is all yours. See-ya!