How to Share Screen on Skype

Skype is a very popular telecommunications application software product that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls services over internet from computers, tablets, and mobile devices to other devices or smart phones. People in all over the world very much like this Skype. The users of Skype can also send instant messages to their friends, exchange important files and images, send video messages through Skype, also Skype provides create conference calls for users.

Screen sharing is an important feature of Skype; this screen sharing feature allows different types services like sharing your computer screen with anyone on Skype. It’s perfect for business presentations, showing photos to friends and family, or showing what’s on your computer screen.

Screen sharing option on Skype is such a function that allows you to show your screen to the person with whom you are calling, and this function making it easy to show pictures, get technical help, and more benefits on Skype. If anyone want to display a slide show of any types of photos to any people at anywhere, but don’t want to send a group of files that they’ll need to download the files or photos from internet, That makes trouble for them, or if you need technical support from your grandparents then, screen sharing is the quick and easy way to solve your problem. The share my screen option is free for all Skype users, so it is very convenience for all users, though if you want to share your screen during a video call or with multiple people at once, then you’ll need to upgrade to your Skype Premium. This guide help you in share your screen on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Refer the below steps to see how to share your screen in less than a minute on Skype. A step-by-step guide is available below to help you in easily sharing your screen on Skype. Let’s start:

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First step:   

First step for Skype screen sharing is launch Skype in your system. Sign upon Skype and create a profile and add your friends, then Sign into your Skype account. For Sign in use your Skype name and password that you created whensign in skype you signed up for your Skype account, and then click on Sign In button. After you sign in into your account a list of the contacts will shown to you on the left side of the screen you have to add many of them.


Step Two:

Step two is start a voice or video call with any of your friend or relative those are present in your contact list. You can easily share your screen on Skype through either voice or video calls. The screen sharing on Skype requires Skype Premium, so if you don’t have Skype Premium then you need to try to initialize a screen share function on Skype; you will be informed by the Skype serves that you need to revert to the free call that is very helpful for you.

skype video call

The main need for Skype screen sharing is You can only share your screen with one other person if you have Skype Premium. With Premium facility, you can Skype group screen sharing with up to 10 other Skype users that are very good for people.

Important thing is both Skype users those want to communicate must be running the most current version of Skype, because the current version provides many advantages and not previous one, so that you can easily use screen sharing function.

Another important need for Skype screen sharing is you must have a broadband internet connection to share your screen because Dial-up connections do not support screen sharing function.

Step Three:

The screen sharing is very easy to use; on step 3 you need to just click on the blue “+” button during the video or voice call. The call button is located to the next to the red “hang up” icon. After you clicking on it, there will be a small menu opened, then Select “Share screens” to open the Screen Sharing options.

In Mac operating systems, the “+” sign is in a speech bubble icon and the color of it is not blue.

skype share screens
Step Four:

In step four you need to check your screen preview before you start sharing your screen with anyone, you can check all the data, those will be shown to your contact. You check out a preview to make sure that there is nothing that you want to keep hidden displayed to your contact.

skype share window

Step five:

In step five you need to click on Start to begin sharing your screen. Then your friends with whom you want to contact will be able to see your screen, and anything that you do on it, they easily see it. After you are finished sharing your screen, click the “Stop sharing” button to stop the sharing.

Sharing your screen with

These are the very simple and easy way through which you can easily share your screen on Skype.

Important note: Only one person can able to Share Screen on Skype at a single time.

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