Hello Apple Users!

This article is all about sharing. You ready to move on?


Now suppose you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and you need to Share Apps on Your iPhone or iPad and iPod Touch between your apps and your computer.

You might need to, for whatever the reason.

But the problem is that you do not really know how.

This is where these articles become the knight in shining armor written on white with black! It helps you to:

  1. Gain knowledge about file sharing on iPhones, and iPads, and iPod Touch
  2. Gives you the directions on how to go about sharing your files on/from your iPhones, and iPads, and iPod Touches.

So let the file sharing begin!

 Some basic necessities!
1.The latest version of iTunes.

 Now, please make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, has iTunes on it. And please also make sure that the iTunes has been upgraded to the latest version available on the market.

2. Mac OS X v10.5.8

 Be sure that your Mac has been updated to the latest OS –i.e., Mac OS X v10.5.8 .

If you do not have a Mac, and instead have a Windows PC, it is all right. Just make sure your PC runs on either Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, or even Windows 8 or 8.1. Also make sure that the OS is updated to the latest version available presently on the market.

3. Upgraded iOS.

 Not withstanding whether you are using an iPhone, an iPad, or even an iPod Touch, make sure that your iOS has been updated to the latest version.

[iOS 8 is the latest version of iOS available on the market presently.]

 4. An iOS app that can be used for File Sharing.

 Make sure you actually have apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, which actually allow for File Sharing. Because otherwise, his article is pretty useless to you.

Now, once you have all your necessary ingredients, let’s crack this recipe shall we? How would you share apps between iPhone and iPad?

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The checking stage!

This stage is where you basically check which apps on your computer can be used for file sharing purposes.

Step 1: Put a plug in it!

Plug in your iOS device (your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, as the case may be) to your Mac or Windows PC. You can do this with the assistance of an USB cable or with a Thunderbolt.

Step 2: The big launch!

You will be required to launch iTunes.

Don’t know what that means?

So… there is this app called iTunes? Know it? Good.

Now double click on the icon to open the app. That’s what launching means dummy.

Step 3: The grand selection!

The grand selection

Your device will show up on the iTunes screen to the left. Select your device.

Step 4: App clicking’.

App clicking’

You are now required to click “Apps”. You will find this to a list on your left towards the bottom of the page.

Now, if you see that your device has no file sharing apps, this means you have hit a speed bump in this grand file sharing process. It also means you are blind since you obviously did not read the fourth necessity in the list given above.

 Step 5: Select an app.

Select an app

If your device mercifully haves file-sharing apps, let’s get on with this shall we? Select the app you want to use for file sharing.

 From your computer to your iOS device!

From your computer to your iOS device

This is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to the list of file-sharing apps on iTunes and select your preferred app for file sharing from the list.

Next, you can drag and drop files onto the Documents list. This will make sure the files you have dragged and dropped get copied onto your iOS device.

If you don’t prefer the mule method (drag and drop), then you can click “Add”. Then you will be asked to locate the files you wish to be shared. After you have selected the files, click on “Choose” and iTunes will copy the files to the app on your iOS device.

From an iOS app right to your computer!

From an iOS app right to your computer

This is pretty simple too! Select the app in the list of file sharing apps on iTunes. Then drag and drop files to the Documents list or the folder where you want them to be copied on to your Mac or PC.

You can also manually select the files in the Documents list and then copy them to your computer.

After this is over, click “Save to”. This will ensure that your files that you want to share get saved onto your computer.

Remember to select only those files which are compatible with the app you are using for the file sharing process.